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You are unique and precious! I can not stress this enough! The number one tool you have to accomplish anything in your life is your Self Confidence. Without your self confidence, the sense that you deserve the best things in life, you can not do much. You can not plan your life without that ingredient. If you do not plan your life, someone else will use you for their plan. As Jim Rhon expressed it perfectly:

“Someone else will use you for their plans, and guess what! They do not have much planned for you!

— Jim Rohn

This is something I experienced from an early age. This is what I want to share with you. I understood early in life the importance of self confidence, of the sense of worthiness. I am not talking about being "loud" or "cocky" or "selfish". I am not referring to the "I, Me, Mine" part of you. I am referring to the part of you where your creativity, your vulnerability and your faith reside. Once you truly believe that you are one of a kind, precious, that you are a very important member of this Universe and that without you the entire system will collapse- then, through Empathy, you will be able to accomplish anything you want!

Here are the 5 ways I have discovered so far, that help me turn my ideas and inspirations into action:



The present is exactly what the word implies: a Present! Do not worry about the Future, or live in the Past. Worrying about the future "What  will happen next?" "Where will I be?" "What will I do?" puts you in a state of anxiety and stress. You can not be creative in such a state. Being stuck in the past reveals that you afraid of Life. Think of dogs (I love dogs and I believe we should all live our lives like one- but that is another post!), they can smell fear. Have you been around an animal that smells fear? It is not a good site! So imagine what you attract in your life if you "transmit" fear most of the time.

Be in the Now, present. Think of this moment only. TRUST that everything will turn out the way you want them to. Trust in the same way you trust that the floor will be there when you get out of bed. You do not wake up in the morning checking underneath your bed, making sure everything is there and then jump out! You just get up and go! You KNOW the floor will be there  to support you, no questions asked. The floor does not care what you look like, what dreams you had or what you are wearing. Put the same FAITH in to YOU!


What is in a name? How do we understand the world around us? With words. We name things so we can understand their meaning and act accordingly. To give you an example, if I introduced you to Gloria, and told you she is the Queen of Mozambique, you would create an idea of Gloria. You would imagine where she grew up, where she lives now, how much money she has, what her status is, what kind of people she meets and all these ideas would create a broad system on how you would treat Gloria. You would treat her differently if I told you she was 25 years old than if I told you she was 68 years old.

Another example is this. Imagine we are on a University campus. We are in an auditorium waiting for a lecture to begin. A student next to us tells us to be quiet. We do not pay much attention to him; he is just a student. The professor enters, asks everyone to be quiet- he is an authority figure- we obey. We received the same request, but our reaction was different.

This automated behaviour comes forth in all aspects of our lives. Your brain, your conscious and your sub conscious are your best friends, and your most loyal servants! They do whatever you tell them to. So if you name something "difficult", they will create all the circumstances to prove you right. You are, after all, the ultimate authority figure for them. They will obey to your every command.

Pay attention to the expressions you use. "You need to know people to succeed in this business." "You need to work hard to make money". "This is difficult". "I do not know". "I am afraid I do not understand". Every word you use is a command for your brain, which takes everything you say literally.

Change the words you use for 48 hours and see what happens! Just for 48 hours, name everything "Easy".


There are two sides to every coin, in everything in Life. Duality exists everywhere you look. Everywhere there is light and there are shadows. We love focusing on the "shadows".

We enjoy, in a way, to talk and think about negative stuff. We do because it is familiar. It is part of the "programs we have downloaded", it is part of our confining convictions. We are all born perfect, and as we grow up we adopt convictions from the people and the environment around us. Convictions ( we have written posts on Convictions if you want to check out more details) are thoughts that we have accepted as Facts, and we live our lives by them. Convictions are easy to reprogram. That is what we do at The Los Angeles Method. 

The convictions we use to translate the world with, we have accumulated from the age of 0 to around 7. That is a period in our lives where the system to evaluate things and circumstances is not fully developed yet. So you understand that we might adopt a few convictions that are not servicing us, these turn into Confining Convictions.

We need to understand that everything has two or more sides. If we see poverty, it means that abundance is there too. If we see disease, it means that health is there too. If we see loneliness, it means that companionship is there too. Both sides exist, both are real. Which one do you choose to see? Which reality do you choose to experience and why?


The moment you know something, you stop questioning it, you stop "seeing" it. Do not anything as a fact or for granted. Question ideas and circumstances that are not servicing you. Have a debate with yourself.

Reality does not really exist. What exists is our perception of that reality! 

Are you moving right now? If you are reading this sitting at your desk or on your couch, probably not. Yet you are. The Earth, on which you stand, moves at a speed of 107.000 km/hr! And you are moving with it!

Open your horizons and allow for new notions to enter your reality. You do not have to question the big pillars in your life now. Start with something small to educate yourself on knowledge and learning. Start a new course on cooking, you might discover a new way of boiling eggs (you can tell I am not a cook!). Find something that helps your creativity. Put yourself in vulnerable situations. This is where creativity resides, you will experience a huge difference.

Challenge what you know.


Do not take my word for these, experiment yourself. 

Become a scientist in a lab. Write out a report for your experiment. Give a time to begin the experiment and a time to end it. Write down comments, notes, observations. Check to see what worked and what did not. Draw your own conclusions!


Be present, understand that your words create your reality, understand that in this Universe it is the "similars" that attract not the opposite- so focus on the positive and be positive, learn to expand and draw your own conclusions.

Thank you for your time and attention. I would be very interested to find out what happened with your experiment. Please leave your comment below. 

Create and Enjoy :)

Theodora is the Creator and Founder of The Los Angeles Method. 

The Los Angeles Method is a combination of Acting and Personal Development Techniques to assist the participants to Find their voice and Act on their lives.


Theodora Voutsa

The TVP Foundation operates through two main venues, The Los Angeles Method and The International Theatre in English. The LAM is a dynamic combination of Acting and Personal Development Techniques to empower you in your professional and personal life.

How to conquer doubt and fear with thought and purpose

You must have heard by now about the power of Thought. I mean if you are active on any social media platform these days, you must have come across some meme, gif, quote, video about how you can accomplish anything in life just by shifting your thoughts. Someone you know must have read The Secret or some other new age personal development book and has eagerly explained to you that your thoughts are the creators of the reality you are experiencing.

First of all let me say that I am happy that you have friends that look out for you! Because your friend, the one who read The Secret and ran to share the newly found knowledge with you, is right... not completely right, but Right!

Thought on its own is not enough.

Until you link thought to a purpose there is no intelligent accomplishment.

If you do not have a central purpose in life, any thought you might have, any success you might taste will be accidental and you will not be able to reproduce it at will. Without a purpose in life you allow yourself to become prey of

worries, fears, troubles and self pity.

These feelings will eventually lead you to failure, unhappiness and loss.


You should figure out your purpose in your HEART and set out to accomplish it. Use it as your compass, the steering wheel to your thoughts. Make your thoughts and actions deliberate, conscious, present. Make your PURPOSE the central point of your thoughts.


This is how you can achieve

Self Control and concentration of thought,

how you can overcome weakness of character

and achieve true success!


If you want to strengthen your body you exercise. You go to the gym or you follow a specific routine of exercises. This is how you turn a physically weak human being into a strong one. The same applies to a human with weak thoughts. They can become strong by exercising themselves in right thinking.


Let me support you in putting away aimlessness and weakness and to start thinking with purpose.

Be the person who sees failure only as a path to attainment.

Make all conditions serve you.

Create your circumstances.

Accomplish masterfully.


Thoughts allied to purpose become CREATIVE FORCE!

On November 11 & 12, 2017, in Amsterdam, we will hold our last Acting and Success Workshop of the season.

In this two day workshop you will learn how to identify your Overall Objective, just like an actor does, and how to accomplish it.

I will teach you the tools successful actors use to create their role, so you can create the Role of your life.

We will discover together your purpose and establish the thoughts you need to have to manifest Success. We will also determine the thoughts that are sabotaging you from achieving your true potential and I will give you exercises so you can eliminate them.

For more information and to register click HERE.


Inspired by James Allen, Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Uta Hagen.

How to connect with people without the small talk

Your ability to connect, to engage with people, is a key ingredient to your personal and professional success.

Your time is your most valuable asset; do not waste it on small talk.

Learn how to engage more with your fans and clients and really listen to them so you can provide them with the solutions they are looking for.


Click on the image below to watch the video.


Write your answers in the comments below. I would love to get to know you better and connect with you.


Thank you,



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