You want to increase your productivity? Here are 4 scientifically proven methods.[Video]

Do you want to increase your productivity?

David Hassell from the Next Web writes about Neuroplasticity, Stress Hormones and Paleo-Mammalian Brain, how to Pulse your productivity and the flow states.

Did you know you had three brains within your brain? The part responsible for your creativity is the newest part. If you feel unsafe, the primal part, the first brain takes over- the reptilian brain, in charge of your survival- and when that happens, all other functions stop. For your productivity and your creativity to grow and increase you need your neo-cortex. This structure, also called the frontal lobe, is responsible for language and abstract and creative thinking.

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The better we understand ourselves as leaders, the better we understand the capabilities and limitations of those who work for us. This new leadership paradigm involves constant learning about all of the elements of a healthy, balanced life. Research in the areas of neuroscience, biology, and human performance have produced some brilliant and counter-intuitive ideas about getting more accomplished in less time.

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