You are the Olive Tree.

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Imagine you are a strong, rich, generous, beautiful and fruitful Olive Tree. olive Trees are loved trees because of the rich gifts they offer. They live for hundreds of years and offer food, shade, materials, life. Do not forget that the Olive Tree was the gift that Goddess Athena, the Goddess of wisdom, offered the Athenians as a symbol of life and abundance.

You are that Olive Tree. At first you are a small seed. No one can tell you are an Olive Tree, not even you. You are thinking "I am just a tiny dot. How can I offer food to so many people, olive oil and shade and protection for years to come? I will not make it! I am just a tiny seed!" And you get scared and overwhelmed with what lies ahead, all the responsibilities and demands. 

These are your limiting beliefs. These are your Confining Convictions, the false "programs you have downloaded" along your way.

The work we do with The Los Angeles Method reprograms all these Confining Convictions, these thoughts that you have accepted as facts, and liberates you from what weighs you down. 

That is how we plant the seed- You- into a rich and nourishing soil. Then we work on your values, anti values, habits and more- the nutrients that will help you rise strong and tall and rich. We work on releasing any unwanted elements that are weighing you down. 

Now that you have your "roots" well planted in a rich and supporting "soil", we work on your goals, in the most creative way- using a combination of Acting and Personal Development Techniques. 

We use Acting Techniques and games to give you the tools to create any "Role" you want to play in life and achieve any "scene objective" you want.