Theodora Voutsa

Theodora has been an actress, producer, director and coach for the past 20 years.


She comes from a family of artists.  Her father is an actor for the last 65 years and a living legend in Greece.  Theodora published her book "Thoughts of my father" three years ago- in 2011, which was embraced warmly by the public. 


Theodora left Greece at the age of 16 to study acting in New York city.  She received her BFA in Acting and BA in Production and Communication.  She worked in Off Broadway theatres in New York for several years.


She travelled the world.  Returning to Greece she starred in seven sitcoms on national Greek television, collaborated with the National Theatre of Northern Greece, starred in plays by Moliere, Shaksepeare, Bellei, Feydeau, Williams, O' Neil, Coward, Greek classics and many others.  Her film career began with the participation in the A. David film "the Free Diver" with C. Rutherford ( "Gosford Park", "Stardom"), J. Nelson ( "St. Elmo's Fire", "Suddenly Susan"), A. Baldwin ( "Chuck", "Serenity") and Dominique Swain ( "Lolita").  She founded her own production company and produced web series, radio shows, plays and short films.

Theodora studied with acclaimed success and acting coaches in Los Angeles and New York. She also studied Personal Development in Athens, Greece.


Theodora travelled the world and worked in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Athens.  She lived in Rome where she continued to produce her own plays, direct and teach the Los Angeles Method Workshops.  In Italy she is represented by Studio Effe.


Theodora currently lives in Amsterdam.  She produced and directed Oedipus Rex- World Premiere in Amsterdam, under the patronage of the Greek Embassy in the Netherlands and the support of the University of Amsterdam and teh National Greek Organisation of Tourism.  Oedipus Rex, with a cast of 29 International Artists.  The production is part of the Los Angeles Method Acting Workshop.


She recently presented her Method, the Los Angeles Method, at the 4th International Scientific Conference in Aristotle University in Greece.


She is the founder and creator of the International Theatre in English in the Netherlands and the founder and creator of TheodoraVoutsaProductions Foundation in the Netherlands.


Theodora is currently workingon the upcoming production of "Antigone".