“Money is seeking me”… here I am!

By Nina Ferrell

“We were taught that money is the automatic result of being good human beings. Of working really hard. Of pushing, groaning, struggling, of sweating for it.

And then one morning we wake up, look at our empty hands and realize that something is really out of whack here – and we turn on ourselves. And then, on top of the empty hands and empty bank account we pile self recriminations, blame, self hate, negative self talk – and we dig ourselves deeper and deeper into a situation of our own unconscious creation.

How to get out of this hole? How to get clarity and see from the perspective of your Inner Being?

Try this:

Even though I have been taught all this lifetime that I am less than what I want to be, that I am a victim of an uncaring (nay, cruel) world, even though I have created what I expected to see, resulting in this moment of utter desperations, I know, if I manage to stand back from this creation of mine fo even a second, that:

This is a virtual game

I got lost in it

I thought it was real

I thought my losses were my fault

But –

I create this

The contrast in my life is ME teaching myself – there is no one out there trying to GET me

So of course I can turn this around

and realize that I am deserving of money since money is part of the abundance I attract to myself

and realize that money comes to me from many different vortexes than just the work I do

I can receive money for doing what I love

I can receive money as easily as I breathe in and out

I know that I deserve it

I know that I am so loved by myself and others

I know that I am not alone

Money is seeking me and it finds me even as I read this

There are money vortexes everywhere I look

Money is seeking me!!!

Money has just found me and am seeing it everywhere now..”




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