You can not use up Creativity.

You can not use up Creativity.

The more you use, the more you have.

Being creative helps you in developing your leadership skills, it helps you to identify where you want to go, why and with whom. 

When I use the term Creativity I am not just referring to Art projects, I am referring to anything we create- from a cupcake to our reality.

Creativity enables you to deal with change, something that most of us are not very comfortable with. We are not comfortable with change because it means making an effort to move out of our comfort zone. That is where all the creation takes place, outside the comfort zone, in vulnerability. Change and Creativity are linked to one another. 

The world changes and we must change with it. “Yes, we can”.


Theodora Voutsa

The TVP Foundation operates through two main venues, The Los Angeles Method and The International Theatre in English. The LAM is a dynamic combination of Acting and Personal Development Techniques to empower you in your professional and personal life.