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How well do I know myself?

When I ask participants of The Los Angeles Method this question, the answer is usually "pretty well."

"Pretty well" is ok if you want to follow life and react to the circumstances of your reality.

If you want to create the circumstances of your reality and Lead your Life, instead of following, then you need to know your self very well. You need to understand who you are, why you do the things you do, what motivates you. You need to understand what your "voice" is and what it is you have to tell the world.

"An unexamined life is not worth living". Socrates

Go on an adventure. Take a look at something new, tale a look at something old in a new way. Click on the link below and download, with no email registration or "strings attached", the free test from The Los Angeles Method. This is our gift to you.

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Reality is not what we think it is. You are reading this now probably sitting at your desk, waiting for the tram, drinking coffee... You are certain that you are standing still. You are certain your coffee is not shaking, that advertising stand by the tram stop is standing still and you are not shaking left and right. You are standing still, motionless, at your position.

Yet the earth, the planet on which you are standing, the place you call home, is revolving around its axis, as you are reading this, at a speed of 107.000 km/hr! That is very fast! 

Have you ever been on a merry go round? How fast did it go? The limit on the highway is 180, maybe 200 km/hr? At this moment you are standing on a merry go round that revolves at the speed of 107.000 km/hr! Yet you feel nothing, not one hair on your head is moving. 

So which is the reality? What is the truth? Are you moving or are you still?

When you say "I know myself" is it the truth or is a lie? The follow up question is "Which self do you think you know?" The one who "downloaded" all these limiting beliefs and confining convictions from his environment or are you talking about your Authentic Self? That part of you which can never be wrong?

You are perfect, you are unique and you are special! You are the creator of your reality. The only thing you have to do to take your power back is to find your voice and act on your life.

If you are interested in taking action, contact me and we will figure out together the map you need to follow to achieve your goals.

Once you take The Los Angeles Method free test, please leave a comment and let me know what you discovered. I am very interested in hearing your thoughts.

Thank you for your attention and time.

Take care and enjoy :)