Emotional Intelligence and how to use it for you and your team [Video]


How can you manage your emotions, and those of your team, to successfully navigate today’s emotionally complex workplace?

As an artist, as a human being, I perceive the world through my emotions. There is no subjective reality, there is the reality we perceive and understand as individuals- based on our convictions and personal values. You and I can be watching the same "scene" and yet interpret it in a different way.

There are no good and bad emotions, there are only blocked and unblocked ones. What art does, is to help you unblock your emotions and show you the way to use them in a creative way so you can achieve what you want.

"Emotions are the fuel we use to achieve our goals."   The Los Angeles Method

During my, constant, research on emotions, I came across Kevin Ochsner, professor of psychology at Columbia University who teaches in the Leveraging Neuroscience to Power Organizational and Individual Performance program at Columbia Business School Executive Education. In the video below he explains how you can successfully navigate today’s emotionally complex workplace.

The information is so interesting, that I had to share it with you.