Leadership Workshop by The Los Angeles Method

  • How can I be the Leader of my life and my team?
  • How can I take immediate control over my life?
  • What can I do today that will make a difference?
  • How can I achieve the change and express my full potential?
  • How can I expand, grow, share in a meaningful and enjoyable way?

Join us at The Los Angeles Method Leadership Workshop on June 18th and 19th in Amsterdam to find out the answers to these questions.

Eventbrite - Leadership Workshop by The Los Angeles Method

The Los Angeles Method is a combination of Acting and Personal Development Techniques to assist you in unleashing your voice and acting on your life.

Successful Leaders know themselves and are connected to others.  
They can communicate what they want. This is why they always get what they want.
The Los Angeles Method

Act like the Leader you want to be. Be the Leader you want to be.



Learn the tools to discover your Authentic Self.

Understand how you can connect with your Authentic Self and then with everyone else.
Connection gives purpose to our lives. To be able to connect with yourself and with others, one must overcome the fear of "I am not good enough", "I am not strong enough", "I am not rich enough", "I am not enough...".
To be able to achieve connection, one must have a strong sense of worthiness. This comes fron courage, compassion, vulnerability. It begins with a thought.

In the two day Leadership workshop you will receive tools that will empower you to achieve your goals beyond fears, obstacles and confining convictions. We will do that through theory and experiential exercises that stimulate your creativity and imagination.

After the Leadership Workshop you will be able to put what you learned in practice and get immediate results.

Let yourself be seen.

Stand in the light and tell the world "This is me
and here I am!"

Become an Actor. Take ACTION. Enough coaching... more Acting!

Cost: 180 euros (excl VAT)

Contact us at thelosangelesmethod@gmail.com to reserve your spot.

Eventbrite - Leadership Workshop by The Los Angeles Method

"With all sincerity it has been a long time since I have used time so well. Theodora is just fantastic! She talks with so much power and love at the same time, creating a unique environment! I will certainly use what I have learned here. It is hard to describe how great I feel after the Workshop. Thank you so much!”
Jorge Fonseca. FAO, Rome- Italy.


"The Los Angeles Method for me was a real eye-opener. Theodora, you are the first person I saw that I can say, with my whole heart, is an excellent trainer/lifecoach in personal development. I can recommend this workshop to everyone in the world, the methods and te excercises are very universal and can fit for everyone who believes he/she can change and he/she is 100% responsible for their own growth. You are the best trainer in my opinion I saw till now in my life, with the best working method in personal development. My motto is from now, YES YOU CAN CHANGE AND YOU ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR IT!, Thank you, Theodora!"
Nafize Sener.

” It was very direct (no bullshit or small talk), very professional and to the point advice”. Michael.

Eventbrite - Leadership Workshop by The Los Angeles Method