Are you stuck? Awesome!

You want to make a change. You want to start something new. And as with all new beginnings, you make plans.  You set goals and create maps, and you think about your desires and where you want to go.  You start reflecting on the past, and what went wrong- or not the way you wanted it to go, what choices you made and why? Why didn’t you finish that book?  Why didn’t you lose the weight? Why didn’t you end that relationship? Why didn’t you start that business you always wanted to? How can you make things differently this year?


The Sun will always SHINE. © Copyright 2016, Theodora Voutsa

There are usually two ways in answering these questions; you either fall head first and start doing everything in high speed because you really want the change, or you freeze because the thought of you not succeeding- again! – is paralysing. Either way, you will get exhausted very soon, give up and sink in to the old habits.

The good news are that there is a third choice.  You can tell yourself that you were stuck and now you are about to change and do things differently. Really tell yourself.  Speak to yourself. Sound is creator, whatever you say can be manifested.  So stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself as if you are reassuring a good friend of your love for them.  Look at yourself in the eyes and say “Now I am changing.”  Do not say “I will change”, your mind does not understand the future tense.  If you say “I will”, subconsciously you believe that the change is in a distance. You are changing Now! and it is wonderful!

Once you have informed and reassured yourself that now you are changing, it is time to make the actual changes.

What is it that you want? If you feel stuck, if you do not know, that is ok.  A lot of us feel this way one time or another.  If you do not have the answer to a question, maybe you do not understand the question, maybe you need to change the question.  So let’s change the question in to

How do you want to feel?

Do you want to feel happy? ecstatic? joyful? energetic? fulfilled? loved? worshiped? desired? appreciated? wanted? valued? hugged? admired? virtuous? strong? high-minded? delicious? precious?

If the answer is yes, it is very easy to do.  The only thing you have to do is believe that you deserve to feel this way!

Authenticity is liberating!  

Allow yourself to do what feels right, without giving permission to confining convictions to dictate the way.

When you are feeling stuck, by the way the “stuck” feeling means that you are far from your Authentic Self, just accept it.  Do not tense, relax- accept it and it will flow right through you, away from you. Shitty things happen! Accept it and move on. Besides being “stuck” is just a thought, and thoughts are easy to change.

So when you are not feeling the way you want- happy, strong, precious, wanted, worthy- and you are feeling the way you do not want- stuck- look at yourself as a character in a movie or a play.  You write the movie of your life. You are the writer, the producer, the director and the star. Understand that this- being stuck- is just a scene, it is not the entire movie. Think of the next scene, where do you want your character-you- to go? to do? to feel like? What is your objective?

The objective is what the actors use to guide them through every scene.  They have the overall objective, what they want through the course of an entire movie or play, and the scene objective- for every scene. The scene objective needs to support the overall objective. So if your overall objective- what you want in life- is to be worthy, your scene objective could not be judging and criticising yourself.

When things do not go the way you want them to, you know that it is up to you to change them.  You write the script, you decide on the objectives. You have the power of creation.

Just remember, how do yo want to feel? Let that guide your choices.  The better you know yourself, the easier it will be to answer the question “How do I want to feel”. Overcome the fears, the confining convictions and the obstacles and you will be able to connect to you in a strong and fulfilling way.  When you establish the connection with you, you will be able to do it with any one you meet.  Connection gives purpose to our lives.  To be able to connect with yourself and with others, one must overcome the fear of “I am not good enough”, “I am not strong enough”, “I am not rich enough”, …

To be able to achieve connection, one must have a strong sense of worthiness.  This comes fron courage, compassion, vulnerability.  It begins with a thought.

You will never feel stuck again!

What do you do when things get stuck?

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