How to Increase your Facebook Live Videos' Reach

Are you an entrepreneur, a coach, a business owner?

Are you using Facebook to connect with your clients and showcase your business?

Are you using Live Videos to convert your audience into customers?

Have you noticed lately that organic reach on Facebook is falling?

How do you make sure people actually see and interact with the content, the value you are putting out there for them?

Facebook uses many factors to determine how they will rank your content. A priority, however, is what you want to see. So posts from your family, friends and news organisations appear first.

There are 60 million businesses advertising on Facebook.

As stated in a Hubspot article, to rank better you need to understand how News Feed ranks content and where Facebook is headed as a business.

According to the same article, Facebook is interested in 4 aspects when it comes to posts:

  1. Who posted it
  2. How people engaged with it
  3. What kind of post it is
  4. When it was posted

Obviously, the more engagement it gets, the more it is seen on News Feeds.

So if you post more than three times a day, your reach will drop. In this case, less is more!

Make sure to offer value. As I tell my students in the #ShowUpBrandUp trainings on video creation and Visibility, your videos should be Entertaining, Inspirational and Educational- in different percentages according to your objective.

The reason why it is important to offer value and not just Show Up, is because Facebook tracks the amount of time the viewer spends watching your video or reading your post and ranks you accordingly.

The more valuable your content, the more engaging, the longer the Facebook user interacts with your video, the higher you rank in the News Feed.

It is of great importance that you tap into your creativity and resourcefulness to create content that connects and converts.

3 our of 4 people do not believe that they are using their creativity to its full potential. Are you one of those 3? Then continue reading and at the end of this article I have the solution for you!


Facebook is aiming to become the #1 Video platform, so the algorithm is programmed to prioritize Facebook Live Videos.

What you can do practically:

Make sure to check the "Audience Optimization for Posts" in the Settings section.

Then when you post:

Make sure you know your audience and offer them value and stories with which they will connect.


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