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Oedipus Rex tells the story of how Theban King Oedipus caused his own downfall because of the choices he made. It is a criticism on the notion that fate guides us.  Once hailed as the hero of a thriving Thebes, Oedipus finds himself in the centre of a crisis: the plague has struck the city. Blind to his own blame, he is convinced external forces are the cause of his people’s predicament.  As Europe recovers from a painful credit crisis (perhaps a modern plague), the lessons of this classic tragedy echo as a reminder that it is up to the people to control their destiny and that fate should not be blamed for what are the consequences of free will.

Cintia Taylor

International Theatre in English and Theodora Voutsa present

Oedipus Rex

by Sophocles

A Performance

in English, Greek, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, Turkish.

Together we can bring theatre to Life!

Performances’ dates and times:

February 27th, 2015 at 20:00

February 28th, 2015 at 20:00

March 1st, 2015 at 19:00

@ the Theatre of the University of Amsterdam, Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16

to book your seat please contact tlamproductions@gmail.com

Directed by Theodora Voutsa

Musical Direction by Selim Dogru

Producer: Theodora Voutsa, Executive Producer: Despoina Moisiadou, Translation: Theodora Voutsa, Adaptation: Cintia Taylor- Agnes Zenta,  Choreographer: Janusz Madej, Body Movement and Additional Choreography: Melanja Pallita, Costume Designer: Tamira Lankamp, Light Designer: Dirk Blom, Assistant Director: Cintia Taylor, Stage Manager: Cintia Taylor, Assistant Costume Designer: Penny Moysiadou, Graphic Designer: Huseyin Karadelli

 Cast:Laurens de Groot, Simona Beltrami, Christine Blakeley, Henrietta Bryant, Andy Cowie, Francis Cox, Muge Ergecen, Murat Gur, Serkan Kaba, Ken Kitchen,Vasiliki Koutrouli, Bianca Latendorf, Johan Statius Muller, Brian Pagan, Hale Parlayan, Cristina Rotariu, Nico Samaras, Alexander Singh, Marc Staljanssens, Xenia Tombrou, Sandy Topzand, Ceren Unsal, Eleftheria Vakaki, Tineke Van Der Vorst, Blanche Belamide, Nirvan Singh- Dancers: 2pR by Christos Pastras.

Workshop by Theodora Voutsa presents a unique event in Amsterdam, Netherlands- the World Premiere ofSophocles’ “Oedipus Rex” in English, Greek, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, Turkish.

This production is a compelling piece of history which will bring together many cultures to recount the epic tale of Man and Destiny.

This original adaptation came about from a desire to integrate communities and share language, culture and emotion whilst exploring the Art of the Theatre.

The rehearsal part of this production is a Workshop.  The actors participating will be taught the Los Angeles Method. To achieve perfect communication, a balanced quartet of body, voice, emotion and intellect is required.  We will work on all four. Through the Los Angeles Method the participants will learn how to make dynamic choices, both on stage and in their lives. We will explore how the characters negotiate life and then teach the Actors how to replicate the character from their own needs and life experiences. We will incorporate classical Greek poems and teach them to the international cast, as well as works from great Dutch and International writers. We will work on masks and classical training for Ancient Greek Tragedies ( Logos). We will marry the Ancient Greek Culture and Art of the Theatre with Dutch Artists who will design the costumes and set. Through this performance we will showcase the Music and marry it with Dutch and international sounds.

The Cast of the production of Oedipus Rex in Amsterdam will be an International one. The number of the members of the company will be 32. It will include professional as well as amateur actors, musicians, dancers and Artists. We believe that the power of Sophocles’ work can guide professionals and amateurs alike.  We want to give Artists the chance to taste the grandeur of his words and the strength of his emotions.



About the director:

Theodora was recently interviewed by NBC for her charity work.

By Giacinta Pace

Theodora Voutsa is a Greek actress and producer. Over the years she has starred in six television series and participated in numerous films including “The Free Diver” directed by Alki David with A. Baldwin, C.Rutherford and J. Nelson.

Voutsa has also acted on stage in Athens in plays by such greats as Moliere, Shakespeare, Wilde and Coward. She had the honor of performing in Epidaurus and Irodion in Ancient Greek Theaters with the National Theatre of Northern Greece.

This Jane-of-all-trades also recently published a book about her famous father called, “Thoughts of My Father.”

Italian Press on Theodora’s work:

Voutsa che restituisce senso e intenzione al di là del significato stretto delle parole con la sua magistrale panica e universale capacità espressiva e comunicativa (per cui il pubblico giura di capire quel che dice in greco) e l’autorevole seraficità di Sandra Paternostro la cui regalità nella recitazione le deriva dalla capacità di incarnare certo immaginario collettivo inglese classico sulla donna antica greco-romana che tramite il Bardo è arrivata alla contemporaneità .

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“Count no man happy

till he dies, free of pain

at last.”

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