Show Up | Brand Up Evergreen Program

Evergreen Program

The Show Up | Brand Up evergreen program is designed to support and empower entrepreneurs, coaches, business owners to grow their business and connect with their ideal clients through the powerful medium of VIDEO.


The Show Up | Brand Up evergreen program is divided in 3 parts.

Every part consists of Videos, downloadable PDFs with exercises and audios.


A one hour online session with Theodora.

Chapters in Part A:

1.  Introductions | About Theodora

2.  Introductions | About The Los Angeles Method

3.  What is Acting?

4.  The Authentic You | Power of Emotions

5.  Plato's Soul

6.  What are Confining Convictions

7.  Global Confining Convictions and how to reprogram them

8.  Personal Confining Conviction and how to reprogram it

9.  Your Family

10.  The power of Forgiveness

11.  Values

12.  Identify your Goal from your level of Authenticity

13.  Goal Mapping

14.  Your movie

15.  Relax, it's all good!

Chapters in part B:

1.  The laws of Success

2.  The 5 parts of every Business

3.  Basic Human Drives

4.  Understanding how Clients "work".

5.  Marketing

6.  Sales

7.  Your Branding Kit

8.  Your Brand's message

9.  Your brand's Why | What | How

Chapters in part C | section 1. Visibility Mastery

1.  Acting Secrets

    a)  How to create a Role

    b)  How to create instant chemistry

    c)  How to connect On Camera and be Camera Confident

    d)  How to be extraordinary

    c)  Breathing | Voice

2.  Writing your script

    a)  Your message

    b)  Your audience

    c)  What words to use to "talk" to your ideal clients

Chapters in part C | section 2. Video Mastery

1.  Create your own Studio

2.  Light

3.  Sound

4.  Make Up | Wardrobe

5.  Set

6.  Camera Angles

7.  Editing

8.  Music

9.  Formats for Social Media

10.  Share your VIDEO with the world



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