How to conquer doubt and fear with thought and purpose

You must have heard by now about the power of Thought. I mean if you are active on any social media platform these days, you must have come across some meme, gif, quote, video about how you can accomplish anything in life just by shifting your thoughts. Someone you know must have read The Secret or some other new age personal development book and has eagerly explained to you that your thoughts are the creators of the reality you are experiencing.

First of all let me say that I am happy that you have friends that look out for you! Because your friend, the one who read The Secret and ran to share the newly found knowledge with you, is right... not completely right, but Right!

Thought on its own is not enough.

Until you link thought to a purpose there is no intelligent accomplishment.

If you do not have a central purpose in life, any thought you might have, any success you might taste will be accidental and you will not be able to reproduce it at will. Without a purpose in life you allow yourself to become prey of

worries, fears, troubles and self pity.

These feelings will eventually lead you to failure, unhappiness and loss.


You should figure out your purpose in your HEART and set out to accomplish it. Use it as your compass, the steering wheel to your thoughts. Make your thoughts and actions deliberate, conscious, present. Make your PURPOSE the central point of your thoughts.


This is how you can achieve

Self Control and concentration of thought,

how you can overcome weakness of character

and achieve true success!


If you want to strengthen your body you exercise. You go to the gym or you follow a specific routine of exercises. This is how you turn a physically weak human being into a strong one. The same applies to a human with weak thoughts. They can become strong by exercising themselves in right thinking.


Let me support you in putting away aimlessness and weakness and to start thinking with purpose.

Be the person who sees failure only as a path to attainment.

Make all conditions serve you.

Create your circumstances.

Accomplish masterfully.


Thoughts allied to purpose become CREATIVE FORCE!

On November 11 & 12, 2017, in Amsterdam, we will hold our last Acting and Success Workshop of the season.

In this two day workshop you will learn how to identify your Overall Objective, just like an actor does, and how to accomplish it.

I will teach you the tools successful actors use to create their role, so you can create the Role of your life.

We will discover together your purpose and establish the thoughts you need to have to manifest Success. We will also determine the thoughts that are sabotaging you from achieving your true potential and I will give you exercises so you can eliminate them.

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Inspired by James Allen, Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Uta Hagen.

Say "Thank You" to lead the life you want and deserve.

How can you overcome any obstacles that might stand in your way?

What is the fastest way to leading the life you want and deserve?

What is the best way to amazing health?

Everything begins with a thought. Your thought create your reality. There is no objective reality, there is only our perception of Reality. If you wear the "angry" glasses, you will perceive everything as anger, aggravation, hard and difficult. If you wear the "sad" glasses- the same. The same goes for the "victim" glasses. The "victim" glasses make you think that everything happens TO you instead of FOR you.

To honour the day, Thanksgiving, I would like to talk about Gratitude.

Wear these glasses and see your life transform. Do not take my word for it, although i am talking out of personal experience. Become a scientist for a few days and experiment.

Make sure, for the next seven days, to be thankful, to experience and express gratitude.

Before you go to bed at night, make sure that the last thing you do, after brushing your teeth and saying goodnight and sweet dreams to your loved ones, is to write on a piece of paper what you are grateful for. Please write, do not type on you iPad or phone. Write; using a pen and a paper, feel the words being created on the white piece of canvas you have in front of you. once your list is complete, read it to yourself and close your eyes to fall asleep. Let those be the last thoughts you make for the day.

When you wake up in the morning, read your list again. Make sure that today you will do what it takes to make that list longer and stronger than yesterday.

Pay attention to the changes. Please share them with us and inspire others too to make that journey towards better life through gratitude. Let us know ho your life shifted and for what you are grateful for.

Thank you all very much for showing up and helping fulfil my mission in life, to help people find their voice and act on their lives.

Happy gratitude day to all :)

The images were taken by the article "Why Gratitude is the secret to good Health".

Check it out here.

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10 Rules of Success.

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Success is a subjective state. Success is translated in different ways for each one of us. No matter what you want to achieve in life, whether you want to become the CEO of a company, the loving father of 4, the great coach who offers amazing results and opens new ways for her clients, the next Oscar winner, these are the 10 rules you should consider.

1. Find your purpose.

Know where you are going. You need a point, a mark at the end of the road telling you "You have arrived". Visualise that point and bring it closer to you with every step you make. 

Most importantly know WHY you want to get there. Everything we do is for the way it will make us feel. You are not working hard to make money just to have the "paper" in your wallet or the "numbers" in your bank account. Money makes you feel a certain way; for some it offers security, for others freedom and so on. 

The emotions are the fuel we use to achieve our goals.
The Los Angeles Method

2. Do not listen to the #littleman.

Understand that you are unique, special and one of a kind! You are precious! There is no one like you in the entire Universe. That is what makes you valuable to us. You are worthy and you deserve the best things in life. Do not allow anyone else to tell you otherwise. The first person who needs to believe that this is true, is you. Do not listen to the #littleman telling you you are not good enough, or not clever enough, or not rich enough. You are more than enough. If you believe that, everyone else around you will too. 

You educate people to treat you by showing them the way you treat yourself. Disrespect your self and everyone will disrespect you. Love yourself and everyone will love you.
The Los Angeles Method

3. As you think, so shall you Be.

What you think of, expands. Your thoughts dictate the frequency in which you vibrate. Your thoughts are the "juice" you have within you. If we squeeze an orange, we will get orange juice. We can not get lemon juice no matter how hard we squeeze. If the orange is bitter, the juice will taste bitter too. What are you thoughts? If we squeezed you, would we get bitterness, anger, fear, resentment or would we get love, joy, happiness, gratitude?

4. Make a Choice.

Marlon Brando used to say that everyone can be an actor. And that is true, we all have talent. Talent is not your problem for not going ahead. What separates an actor from a Star, is in the choices they make. Now, the higher the stakes, the riskier the choice, the greater the reward. Put yourself out there and take a stand, make a choice!

5. Commit.

As we say in the theatre, "Commit to the scene". Once you made your choice, commit in doing the work. Put your self in it. The key word here is "your", you! 

The more personal you are, the more universal you become.
The Los Angeles Method

Work hard and put yourself in the work. Work on yourself. Find out where is your power. Like a Superhero in the making, discover what are you secret powers and use them. Align your gifts with the real reason you are here. Fill yourself with those gifts. In our workshops we talk about "standing in the light" and "making yourself seen, visible". Stand tall and be an inspiration to others. Become strong to be able to help others rise. Embrace being "full of yourself", you have so much to offer! 

Commit to that race and run it as hard as you can. Do not waste your time by comparing yourself to others. You only need to be competitive with the person you were yesterday. You can not control what others do, you can only be responsible for your actions. Commit to your decisions and move forward.

6. Believe.

Have faith and trust in you. Believe in your greatness, in your success. If you do not believe in you first, no one else will follow. Believe in your talents! Believe you are here for a  purpose, for a reason and work hard to improve the skills you need, to accomplish that purpose, that goal. Make sure your beliefs are your own, not the confining convictions- the limiting beliefs you have downloaded along the way of becoming you. Believe as the perfect creature you arrived as in this world. A baby, a child does not second guess. They want food and they trust that the food will be delivered to them, and it does. A child in a playground wants to play- nothing will stop him; not the clothes he is wearing, the car he is driving, the degree he has or does not have. Children do because they believe.

7. Connect.

Knowing yourself, understanding your voice will help you connect with you. Once you know how to connect with you, you can connect with everyone else. Because then you understand that we are all one. You can not rise if the rest of us are on the ground. Finding and connecting to your Authentic Self reveals the greatness in you and in everyone else around you. 

The moment you connect with the others, you create a support network, assisting you towards the realisation of your goal and your success. 

8. Hustle.

Do not be outworked. You have the talents you need, you were born with those talents. Invest in learning the skills and do not let anyone outwork you. Once you find your true purpose, your voice, the song that you were meant to sing in this world, it will not even feel like work. You will want to be the last one leaving the room because being in the room will fulfil your values and needs and it will help you express your worthiness. 

Cherish and respect what you do.

9. Reach for the Stars!

Do not settle for anything less. You are a precious and unique human being and you deserve the best things in life. Reach out with your hand and bring in the best of everything you can think of. 

There are no limits for you. The only limits that exist are the ones you put in your way. These are just thoughts you make, and thoughts can change.

10. Relax! It is going to be OK.

Be in the flow. In acting we have techniques and rules and steps you need to take to create the role you are portraying. But ultimately when you get up on stage, you need to let go of all the technical stuff and just be in the moment. React to what is happening in the scene, as your character. So if you have done the work, now you are ready to let go and trust the work you did will take you where you want to be.

Think of you a few years back. Think of a difficult situation you faced then. At that time everything seemed difficult and huge and heavy. How do they look like now, how do they feel? You are here to think about the past, so they must have turned out OK. 

Now travel in the future. And look back at yourself now. What would your future self tell the person you are now?

My future self would tell me "You did well, you did not have to worry so much, I made it and I am ok and happy. Thank you for everything you did for me to get me to where I am now. It all turned out well!"


Theodora is the creator and founder of the TVP Foundation which operates through two main venues: The International Theatre in English and The Los Angeles Method. You can read more about her work here.

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