Emotional Intelligence and how to use it for you and your team [Video]


How can you manage your emotions, and those of your team, to successfully navigate today’s emotionally complex workplace?

As an artist, as a human being, I perceive the world through my emotions. There is no subjective reality, there is the reality we perceive and understand as individuals- based on our convictions and personal values. You and I can be watching the same "scene" and yet interpret it in a different way.

There are no good and bad emotions, there are only blocked and unblocked ones. What art does, is to help you unblock your emotions and show you the way to use them in a creative way so you can achieve what you want.

"Emotions are the fuel we use to achieve our goals."   The Los Angeles Method

During my, constant, research on emotions, I came across Kevin Ochsner, professor of psychology at Columbia University who teaches in the Leveraging Neuroscience to Power Organizational and Individual Performance program at Columbia Business School Executive Education. In the video below he explains how you can successfully navigate today’s emotionally complex workplace.

The information is so interesting, that I had to share it with you.

Say "Thank You" to lead the life you want and deserve.


How can you overcome any obstacles that might stand in your way?

What is the fastest way to leading the life you want and deserve?

What is the best way to amazing health?

Everything begins with a thought. Your thought create your reality. There is no objective reality, there is only our perception of Reality. If you wear the "angry" glasses, you will perceive everything as anger, aggravation, hard and difficult. If you wear the "sad" glasses- the same. The same goes for the "victim" glasses. The "victim" glasses make you think that everything happens TO you instead of FOR you.


To honour the day, Thanksgiving, I would like to talk about Gratitude.

Wear these glasses and see your life transform. Do not take my word for it, although i am talking out of personal experience. Become a scientist for a few days and experiment.

Make sure, for the next seven days, to be thankful, to experience and express gratitude.

Before you go to bed at night, make sure that the last thing you do, after brushing your teeth and saying goodnight and sweet dreams to your loved ones, is to write on a piece of paper what you are grateful for. Please write, do not type on you iPad or phone. Write; using a pen and a paper, feel the words being created on the white piece of canvas you have in front of you. once your list is complete, read it to yourself and close your eyes to fall asleep. Let those be the last thoughts you make for the day.


When you wake up in the morning, read your list again. Make sure that today you will do what it takes to make that list longer and stronger than yesterday.


Pay attention to the changes. Please share them with us and inspire others too to make that journey towards better life through gratitude. Let us know ho your life shifted and for what you are grateful for.

Thank you all very much for showing up and helping fulfil my mission in life, to help people find their voice and act on their lives.


Happy gratitude day to all :)

The images were taken by the article "Why Gratitude is the secret to good Health".

Check it out here.

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"The hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine". [The Artist's Way]


To succeed in life, you need to find the Artist within you. You need to come in contact with that part of yourself that creates. Whether you work in Business, Finance, Marketing, Health, Arts, Culture- whether you do not work at all- to live and experience the life that you want and deserve, you need to unleash your creative powers!

You have creative powers, because you were born an Artist.

Why do some people find it easy to be creative and come up with brilliant and unique ideas and others don't? 

Is it just their type or is it just a matter of behaviour and attitude? Are creative people programmed in a different way?


The good news are that we are all programmed to create.

We all have the series of cognitive processes required for our ability to conceive complex ideas and realise them.  


The difference between an Artist, someone who creates their circumstances instead of just reacting to them, and someone who does not believe they are an Artist- and just reacts to the circumstances that Life brings his or her way- is just a THOUGHT.

That thought is called a Confining Conviction, a Limiting Belief, a False Program you downloaded along the way of becoming you.

More good news! You can reprogram these Confining Convictions. You can reprogram them using  the tools provided by The Los Angeles Method, or if you can find another method- with that too. The only prerequisite is that you will WANT to make the change.

You need to want to make the shift. No one can make it for you. It is your Life and you are 100% responsible for it.

What helped me make the shift, what helped me make the change and start creating the life I want to lead, to start designing my life- is ART. Embracing the Artist within me helped me unleash my creative powers. This is why I created The Los Angeles Method- the feeling was too good not to share it with others.
Feeling self confident, powerful, standing on my own two feet, not being afraid to express my self, creating what gave me pleasure and helped me expand and grow, becoming strong to be able to help others rise with me are only a few of the benefits I gained along the way of becoming an Artist.

Art helps you release, unblock your emotions, get in contact with the Authentic and True you. Art supports your critical thinking, grows your self confidence. Of course my suggestion is not to evacuate all the offices, or Universities, or markets and grab a brush, or jump on stage or grab a microphone.

My suggestion is to use the technique of the Artist, the knowledge in creativity, in our every day life.

"The hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Art opens your heart; from your heart you can create a stronger and more fulfilling reality.

Artists are entrepreneurs. They are willing to stake everything for the chance to go for it. Artists are drawn to money. The great historical centres of art such as Venice, Amsterdam, Paris, New York were also great centres for business. 

Rubens was a great artist and a brilliant businessman. His assistants would work in his studio- factory in Antwerp and he would travel to all the aristocratic houses selling his work.

Profit buys freedom, freedom buys time, time allows you to create what you want and need.

An enterprising view is necessary for success. 

Find the artist within you, the creator. As Leonardo Da Vinci observed:

" It has long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things."

That is the Artist's Way! To turn Nothings into Somethings.

The Los Angeles Method at the 4th International Scientific Conference.


A few months ago, after a long discussion about the Los Angeles Method and how the Arts can be therapeutic, I was invited by Ms. Dora Psaltopoulou-PhD, MA-CMT and the Aristotle University in Greece to join the 4th International Scientific Conference “Creative Arts Interconnection Paideia-Therapy” and present the Los Angeles Method.

The moment arrived.  On March 19th I flew from Amsterdam to Greece.  I was very excited to return to my country and present my work in such a distinguished environment.

Ms. Psaltopoulou runs the only Music Therapy Department in the country. Unfortunately the people responsible are not aware yet of the fact that Arts can be the solution to many challenges.  The Arts can cure practically anything, since all the challenges we are facing, whether they are physical or psychological, are based on the emotions we are having. Arts deal with exactly that; our emotions. They help us understand who we are and how we can achieve our full potential. This goes beyond therapy. Great multinational companies, pioneers in their field, are now preferring candidates with MFAs rather than MBAs. ( for more info you can check out our post “An MFA better than an MBA“).



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The chair of the conference, Ms.Psaltopoulou, has pioneered Music Therapy in Greece since 1992, and founded the Music Therapy Centre of Thessaloniki. She is a certified music therapist CMT (AMTA) and holds a PhD and a MA (NYU,NU,USA). Her clinical work includes neurosis, psychosis, autism and community music therapy.




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I am very honoured to have shared the stage with Pr. Barbara Hesser- CMT,LCAT, FAMI.  Prof. Hesser is the Director of the Music Therapy program at New York University.  In this capacity she coordinates the Master’s and Doctoral Degree programs of NYU. She is the program director of the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre and has served as President of the American Association for Music Therapy (AAMT).

Prof. Hesser opened the conference. Her speech was about our “Healthy Potential”. We are all born with a healthy potential- our true nature. As Maslow states, we all need and have creativity and aliveness. If someone has mental, physical, emotional problems- these problems stand blocks to their Healthy Potential. It is those people, with these problems (mental, physical, emotional), that music helps them express their Inner Healthy Potential.

Prof. Hesser talked about the benefits and the life changing effects of the Arts and specifically Music Therapy; using as an example young Joshua. We first saw a short video of a young boy, 5 or 6 years old, in a room with a piano. A young man was playing the piano and another was singing, but the boy did not respond. The boy did not want to be touched and was completely secluded from its environment. The next video, shot some days later, shows Joshua being held by one of the therapists and singing along, even touching the piano and creating sounds.  Before we go on, prof. Hesser explains to us that Joshua is a blind autistic child.

Understanding the challenges that an autistic child faces and adding to that the blindness, one can realise the great progress that was achieved in a short period of time through music.  Through the videos, you begin to see a response, a vocalisation in tune with the music. Joshua is singing, Joshua is having a good time and Joshua reacts and does what the lyrics say.

In another video we see Joshua having a tantrum. The therapist playing the piano, follows through the music Joshua’s tantrum and gradually guides him to a more serene place, and Joshua follows and collaborates to the music. The music relaxes him. Joshua accepts the music.

Joshua, a blind, autistic kid, feels confident and allows himself to heal through music. He feels safer, accepted, calm and trusts himself and his environment. Joshua found a sense of rhythm, a desire to vocalise, an ability to play the piano, spontaneity, joy, pleasure and the ability to focus.  All that through music. He developed a new aspect of himself through Art. A new self concept was developed. He moved from wanting to control his environment to collaborating and improvising.

At the beginning Joshua would describe himself as disabled, unaccepted and unworthy.  Now all that has changed; he understands himself as being loved, accepted and able for anything.

Joshua experienced the Expansion of Being through the Arts.

If Joshua can do it, what is stopping you?



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The next day I presented the Los Angeles Method. We talked about how our lives are the movies we write, direct and star in; how we are 100% responsible of our reality- since we are the ones creating it.

Acting is about our truth, it is not about pretending. I must first know who I am, what do I want, what kind of “tools” do I have- in order to be able to serve the role.  These are the techniques we teach “non actors” ( I am using quotation marks even though we are all Acting on our lives, we are all actors).

We play many roles throughout a day, we are not only one character. The techniques help you distinguish the different objectives and create different maps to achieve them all. (If you wish to read more on the Los Angeles Method, you can follow the link.)

We talked about our theatre project and how the Art of Theatre can be therapeutic and liberating. ( You can read more about the Theatre Project here.)



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It was a wonderful experience working with all the participants in the Los Angeles Method Workshop. Their commitment and dedication were memorable. Most of the participants are studying towards the degree of Music Therapy. It makes you feel happy and trustful knowing that such able, committed and devoted individuals will be “released” into society soon to help others. The world is about to become a better place, and we can all be part of the process.



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It was a very rewarding experience.

My gratitude and appreciation to Ms.Dora Psaltopoulou-PhD,MA-CMT, Mr. Nikolaos Zafranas-PhD,MA,BA, Ms. Margarita Hatzinassiou-MA-NRMT and everyone on the organising Committee of the 4th International Scientific Conference of the Aristotle University, “Creative Arts Interconnection Paideia-Therapy”.

My special thanks to Mr. Yiannis Kaminis for taking care of all the important details that make the difference- and Mr. Th. Moutsianas for the photos and assistance.



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Art can save Lives.