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If you want to set goals for the year ahead and you want to achieve them, then you are in the right place. 

My name is Theodora, I am a director, a producer and a coach. I am an artist; I take nothings and make them into somethings. In my coaching I use The Los Angeles Method, a dynamic combination of Acting and Personal Development Techniques to empower the people who come to me, to create the role they want to play in their life.

I believe we are all creators. We all write, produce and direct our movie, which is our life. Some people choose to give themselves the leading role, some choose to give themselves the role of the extra, or the villain, or the role of the best friend.

It is ok. If you are one of the people who decided to write a drama or a thriller or a tragedy instead of a romantic comedy or an epic saga, do not worry. You can always yell "Plot twist" and change the storyline. The only thing you have to do is concentrate on writing that next "scene" and flipping everything around.

What do you want to flip? What do you want to change?

How do you want 2017 to be?

Who do you have to BE to LIVE the life you want and deserve?

The first step to take if you want to change the story, is to change your character's (meaning You) objective.

In acting every role has an Overall Objective; what they need to accomplish throughout the play or the movie. Then you have the Scene Objectives, what the character needs to accomplish in every scene, to finally get the Overall Objective.

Remember that the Scene Objective needs to support and be aligned with the Overall Objective.

In your case your Scene Objectives are your Goals.

What are the goals you want your character (aka YOU) to achieve this year?

Write them down! 

When I give this exercise to my participants, I ask them to write their goals on a piece of paper, using a pen or pencil. The connection between mind, heart, brain, hand to paper is stronger. But you can choose to type if you wish.

Do you have your list?


There are certain easy and clear steps in creating and achieving your goal. Even if you do not have the chance to attend one of my trainings, you will be able to put things in perspective and start seeing results, by following the checklist that follows.


  • The Goal must be Yours.
  • You goal should have a special Meaning
  • Your goal needs to be Specific and Measurable
  • To succeed in needs to be Adjustable
  • Your goals should offer you Challenges
  • Your goal should be Aligned with your values
  • Your goal should be Balanced
  • Your goals should Serve the global good
  • Your goals should be Realistic
  • Your goal should be Supported


First of all the goal needs to be yours. If you are considering goals through the glasses of your confining convictions (aka Limiting Beliefs) then the goals are not yours, not what your soul needs to succeed and thrive, and then you most probably will not be able to achieve them. To give you a very simple example: if you’ve always wanted to be an actor but your father or your mother wanted you to be financially secure and pushed you towards becoming a lawyer or a doctor and you did, then eventually you will reach a wall. You will  face obstacles in being happy and fulfilled. Your goal needs to be yours. This is number one in the list: the goal needs to be yours.

Your goal needs to have meaning. Now the meaning is personal. The meaning is subjective to everyone so something that has meaning to me might not have meaning to you. Usually the people who choose their goals just to satisfy everyone else are the people who have low self-esteem, low self-confidence. This is the first thing that we work on at the Los Angeles Method. We have specific exercises to help you raise your self-confidence. Everything that we do in life is based on our self-esteem. You can imagine if you have a low self-esteem there are not many things that you’ll be able to accomplish.

Another point on the list is that your goal needs to be specific and measurable. You cannot say “I want to be rich”, that’s very vague. It is very abstract. You need to be specific on how much money you want to have and by when. Do not be afraid to be specific, thinking that you might leave something out. The more specific you are, the greater your chances of succeeding. When you are specific, your subconscious mind can create the map and lead you to your desired goal as fast as possible.

At number 4 of the checklist is that your goal needs to be flexible. Darwin used to say that it’s not the strongest organisms that are going to survive or the most intelligent ones, but the ones that can adjust the best. You understand the connection,  your goal needs to be adjustable. Next on the checklist: exciting. Your goal needs to be exciting and with challenges. It needs to keep you awake at night and you need to be wanting it as much as you want to breath.

To accomplish your goal, it needs to be aligned with your basic values.

Finally your goal needs to be balanced, valuable for society, realistic and supported.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I would be very happy to help out.

Once you start work on your goals, please leave a comment below with your progress, or join our community on our Facebook group at The Los Angeles Method and share your experience there.

Take care and enjoy🙂

#love and #light to all 


Leadership Workshop by The Los Angeles Method

  • How can I be the Leader of my life and my team?
  • How can I take immediate control over my life?
  • What can I do today that will make a difference?
  • How can I achieve the change and express my full potential?
  • How can I expand, grow, share in a meaningful and enjoyable way?

Join us at The Los Angeles Method Leadership Workshop on June 18th and 19th in Amsterdam to find out the answers to these questions.

Eventbrite - Leadership Workshop by The Los Angeles Method

The Los Angeles Method is a combination of Acting and Personal Development Techniques to assist you in unleashing your voice and acting on your life.

Successful Leaders know themselves and are connected to others.  
They can communicate what they want. This is why they always get what they want.
The Los Angeles Method

Act like the Leader you want to be. Be the Leader you want to be.

Learn the tools to discover your Authentic Self.

Understand how you can connect with your Authentic Self and then with everyone else.
Connection gives purpose to our lives. To be able to connect with yourself and with others, one must overcome the fear of "I am not good enough", "I am not strong enough", "I am not rich enough", "I am not enough...".
To be able to achieve connection, one must have a strong sense of worthiness. This comes fron courage, compassion, vulnerability. It begins with a thought.

In the two day Leadership workshop you will receive tools that will empower you to achieve your goals beyond fears, obstacles and confining convictions. We will do that through theory and experiential exercises that stimulate your creativity and imagination.

After the Leadership Workshop you will be able to put what you learned in practice and get immediate results.

Let yourself be seen.

Stand in the light and tell the world "This is me
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Become an Actor. Take ACTION. Enough coaching... more Acting!

Cost: 180 euros (excl VAT)

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Eventbrite - Leadership Workshop by The Los Angeles Method

"With all sincerity it has been a long time since I have used time so well. Theodora is just fantastic! She talks with so much power and love at the same time, creating a unique environment! I will certainly use what I have learned here. It is hard to describe how great I feel after the Workshop. Thank you so much!”
Jorge Fonseca. FAO, Rome- Italy.


"The Los Angeles Method for me was a real eye-opener. Theodora, you are the first person I saw that I can say, with my whole heart, is an excellent trainer/lifecoach in personal development. I can recommend this workshop to everyone in the world, the methods and te excercises are very universal and can fit for everyone who believes he/she can change and he/she is 100% responsible for their own growth. You are the best trainer in my opinion I saw till now in my life, with the best working method in personal development. My motto is from now, YES YOU CAN CHANGE AND YOU ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR IT!, Thank you, Theodora!"
Nafize Sener.

” It was very direct (no bullshit or small talk), very professional and to the point advice”. Michael.

Eventbrite - Leadership Workshop by The Los Angeles Method

Say "Thank You" to lead the life you want and deserve.

How can you overcome any obstacles that might stand in your way?

What is the fastest way to leading the life you want and deserve?

What is the best way to amazing health?

Everything begins with a thought. Your thought create your reality. There is no objective reality, there is only our perception of Reality. If you wear the "angry" glasses, you will perceive everything as anger, aggravation, hard and difficult. If you wear the "sad" glasses- the same. The same goes for the "victim" glasses. The "victim" glasses make you think that everything happens TO you instead of FOR you.

To honour the day, Thanksgiving, I would like to talk about Gratitude.

Wear these glasses and see your life transform. Do not take my word for it, although i am talking out of personal experience. Become a scientist for a few days and experiment.

Make sure, for the next seven days, to be thankful, to experience and express gratitude.

Before you go to bed at night, make sure that the last thing you do, after brushing your teeth and saying goodnight and sweet dreams to your loved ones, is to write on a piece of paper what you are grateful for. Please write, do not type on you iPad or phone. Write; using a pen and a paper, feel the words being created on the white piece of canvas you have in front of you. once your list is complete, read it to yourself and close your eyes to fall asleep. Let those be the last thoughts you make for the day.

When you wake up in the morning, read your list again. Make sure that today you will do what it takes to make that list longer and stronger than yesterday.

Pay attention to the changes. Please share them with us and inspire others too to make that journey towards better life through gratitude. Let us know ho your life shifted and for what you are grateful for.

Thank you all very much for showing up and helping fulfil my mission in life, to help people find their voice and act on their lives.

Happy gratitude day to all :)

The images were taken by the article "Why Gratitude is the secret to good Health".

Check it out here.

If you want more exercises and information, check out our Freebies.

Testimonials | The Los Angeles Method

Acting in Theodora Voutsa’s Oedipus Rex has made me a better person. First, rehearsing with Theodora and learning the Los Angeles Method has changed my relationship with myself. I now have a framework and vocabulary for how I experience emotion. Not only do I better understand what I am feeling, I also seek out new emotional experiences rather than avoiding them.

Perhaps more importantly though, the experience has changed how I interact with the world. I better understand not only my own objectives, but those of others around me, which makes me a better colleague, friend, and partner. 

Performing for a sold-out theatre also has some unique benefits. The most obvious of those is the boost in self-confidence that comes from having successfully rehearsed and performed an entire play alongside a talented cast. More subtle though, is that theatre puts the rest of life in perspective. The commitment, focus, and high stakes of putting on our show made it clear that things I had previously felt were huge problems are really only minor annoyances.

I wholeheartedly recommend this to others and can hardly wait to do it again myself.”


I have had the privilege in working with Theodora Voutsa as an actress on my feature film “Gamilio Party”. Theodora’s professionalism and performance skills were of the highest expectations that one director could have. She has the ability to encourage actors around her to step into deeper levels of emotion while in character. She has a positive approach in story and a charismatic element that allows her self to shine.”


The Los Angeles Method | photo by BalansLab

I have already attended a workshop “Acting for personal and professional growth” given by Theodora Voutsa. And it was the most amazing workshop I have ever attended. Theodora is an excellent coach full of energy and passion for what she is doing. So I would like to highly recommend this training. I am more than sure that it will cause great reactions from the people who will attend.”


he Los Angeles Method for me was a real eye-opener. Theodora, you are the first person I saw that I can say, with my whole heart, is an excellent trainer/lifecoach in personal development. I can recommend this workshop to everyone in the world, the methods and te excercises are very universal and can fit for everyone who believes he/she can change and he/she is 100% responsible for their own growth. You are the best trainer in my opinion I saw till now in my life, with the best working method in personal development. My motto is from now, YES YOU CAN CHANGE AND YOU ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR IT!, Thank you, Theodora!”



My experience with the Los Angeles Method was very positive: it made me think about my habits, my convictions about myself and the world, about my reactiveness to my own patterns, and also that it is possible to look at them and learn to change, alone for that it was well worth it! Understanding the connection from those thoughts to what my reality is, made me become more aware and more alert to who to change my circumstances. It really lightened up my curiosity to self knowledge! It is still a work in progress and the tools I got from the course are indeed useful and insightful, I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to get to understand himself or herself better. Theodora lead the course in a very kind, non judgmental way, hearing every one’s thoughts, words, fears, joys and opinions and addressing everyone in a joyful inspiring way, and inspiring everyone to take part in creating better experiences for themselves. Wonderful!”


Theodora worked seamlessly, providing a rich, experiential introduction to both coaching and acting, and how the two can be complementary. She also made it perfectly accessible for both Italian and English speakers, and created a safe, non judgmental and fun environment for those unfamiliar with coaching, acting or both. Coaching, and acting, ask us to dig deep, face our greatest fears, and live (or act) from a place of integrity. This isn’t easy; you have to be willing to be vulnerable and to do so in a group of strangers could be profoundly uncomfortable. Theodora created a safe and comfortable space for us to explore, work , play and grow together. I am a coach but even I was amazed at what she managed to create and inspire in each participant, and the growth that resulted, in just two days.”


These workshops have been a wonderful journey of releasing my inner blockages, and inspiriting a joyful approach to achieve my goals. As an actress, Theodora has empowered me to constructively work in the profession with a grounded yet joyful approach. The tools and techniques are simple, quick and effective in understanding your strengths and releasing your inhibitions. I highly recommend these seminars, if you are looking for success, happiness and peace in all areas of your life”


This Workshop is wonderful for all aspects of one’s life. It is really inspiring, manageable and teaches things that I will put to use immediately. The relationship between exercises, listening and noting the experience was really nice. I learned many new things. Thank you!”


At first, a lot of strangers and chaos. We were a group of individuals who shared an atomic experience and, in the process, formed a cohesive unit. For many of us, it was a baptism by fire. But, like clay cups, we needed the fire to turn us into fine, strong porcelain. I was often left breathless with love – both given and received. We witnessed and supported each other’s breakthroughs and many tears were shed as we connected with parts of ourselves we didn’t know existed.

I learned that, whether you’re in a corporate career or an artistic one, a strong work ethic and an ability to communicate and co-operate with others is essential.

I learned the fine balance between trust and taking responsibility.

I learned that there is a time to speak and a time to stay silent, and that too many words swallow the meaning.

Theodora: Passionate, impatient, temperamental, with a heart as huge as her talent. Strong vision and drive, and a firm handle on both the bigger picture and every minute detail. No tolerance for bullshit, excuses or drama queens; a knack for understanding someone’s pain and knowing when to use it to break down barriers and when to comfort it to prevent creating them. A very tough task-master who only accepts the best from each of us. I discovered that if I let go of my defensiveness, just gave my very best and allowed myself to be taught, magic happened.

We created something exquisite – all of us together. I still feel tears of pride pricking my eyes when I look at the photos”


I have always loved theatre and enjoyed watching the performances. I never acted before, never been on stage.

When I learned about Oedipus Rex, I thought “why not” and joined the first meeting in June 2014. I really wanted to join the cast but got scared to make a fool of myself as a non-actor. (I am an IT professional :)). I asked Theodora if she will be open with her feedback and if I have no talent not to let me go on stage. She laughed and said there will be something to do for everyone and she will never allow anyone of us to fail as “Oedipus Rex” must succeed.

The only condition was to give our commitment, our time and energy during the process. I decided to join. As I was very excited from the first moment onwards; I did bring a very close friend to join the cast and do this together.

I did have a unique and wonderful experience from day 1 onwards. Acting means putting yourself forward, getting away from your fears and embracing yourself. I opened up, met myself in a very different way; I started to dare, let my emotions show, and not be inhibited by my fears. ” I am worthy” has been our motto; I now understand what it means.

In the process we connected with all our fellow actors; anticipating their mood, movements, understanding their needs and emotions; getting to know them both as friends and also actors.

We did many exercises during each rehearsal; started with warm ups, did team building exercises, acting, singing, …

I discovered my capabilities I would never be aware of. This has been very fulfilling for me; also created a new energy and drive for my day to day life. Suddenly the routine of my life changed. I was looking forward to Saturday’s and the rehearsals.

Being part of the Oedipus Rex cast gave me additional strength to deal with the difficult situations at work and in my personal life. I am a stronger person now; more open for change and with more self-confidence. If I can be successful on stage, in front of many people and get their applause, I can do anything I put my mind and energy into.

The performances were also unique experiences for me. Technical week, preparations, getting into character, being present and connecting with the audience in such a way to let them live through the story and emotions with us. I really enjoyed every moment of it.

This experience and what I learned during the process is also very useful for me during my work. It is all about people, connecting and communicating. Also embracing change. These are qualities that can be applicable to my job, actually any job, as we all work with people. The best achievements are done via a good and efficient teamwork.

I am already recommending this experience to friends as I believe anybody who will put their commitment and energy into this process will go though a life changing experience and will benefit from it.

I started to feel young, energetic, happy and capable again … What more could I want ?”


My experience with the Oedipus “project” was in short amazing; a once in a life time experience. From the first day I participated , I was hooked. The presence of Theodora was so powerful, so embracing and encouraging that I decided to be part of this project from the first day; I didn’t know what I could do, or if i was up to the challenge but I decided to give a try. I found the whole process so challenging and very awarding at the personal level; it forced me and all others to get rid of all kind of emotional , physical barriers we all had in the beginning ; our “vulnerability “ led to a very special bond among all of us based on trust, care , and love and mutual drive.  

The next 6 months was working together, rehearsing, learning techniques, learning each other and learning more about yourself all in a very demanding, highly challenging , quite entertaining and competitive environment but never competing with others; always with yourself only to exceed what you have done so far. I felt growing stronger in presence but becoming selfless at the same time. It was amazing to observe and also experience how Theodora stimulates the group and individuals to go through different stages of emotions, that at the end brings everybody closer to each other and to own self.

The performances were a complete different experience: first of all only at that time I saw how those seemingly disparate and unrelated small things started to make sense and fell into their own place ; it made be comfortable and confident to realize how well all was actually thought, designed from early on: we were stirred to grow and fulfill the space designated.  

I already started to encourage many people I know, especially the young ones to go through a similar experience which will help them in their own personal development as well as in their current or future carrier aspirations. I was very privileged to go thru this journey under the guidance of Theodora.”


With all sincerity it has been a long time since I have used time so well. Theodora is just fantastic! She talks with so much power and love at the same time, creating a unique environment! I will certainly use what I have learned here. It is hard to describe how great I feel after the Workshop. Thank you so much!”


It was a unique experience. In my opinion it was a well organized Workshop, with a variety of different exercises, that were very helpful. Helpful in order to understand better ourselves, our needs and the others’ needs and characters. What remains after the Workshop is a feeling of calmness and openess that can lead to a better connection with ourselves and everyone around us.”


I loved the practical exercises. Theodora is very welcoming and warm. This put me at ease to be myself. I liked the emphasis on mutual help at the end. I am really glad I came. I learned a lot of things. Thank you very much Theodora!”


The content of the Workshop was not new to me, but the way Theodora expressed these principles made me hear and understand things in a new way. I can use these principles to create the relationship I desire from and with my life”


I think we did a great amount of work. Theodora was focused, loving and productive and her open mentality allowed for a really safe atmosphere for people to explore and grow. I enjoyed all of teh activities. I am impressed by the structure and balance of work.”


I think the Workshop was very clear. Learned techniques that are useful to me and my craft. I was very happy I was here. Thank you!”


It was very direct (no bullshit or small talk), very professional and to the point advice”


I liked the fact that this method’s approach can be adopted to all our relationships. It is a kind of mirror, you come so close to yourself and inner feelings. You peel your layers till you become yourself, that is what I have liked mostly.”


The concept, exercises and most of all Theodora’s charisma as a coach, actor; this is high level material explained in a motivational and workable format to use in your every day life.”