Say "Thank You" to lead the life you want and deserve.

How can you overcome any obstacles that might stand in your way?

What is the fastest way to leading the life you want and deserve?

What is the best way to amazing health?

Everything begins with a thought. Your thought create your reality. There is no objective reality, there is only our perception of Reality. If you wear the "angry" glasses, you will perceive everything as anger, aggravation, hard and difficult. If you wear the "sad" glasses- the same. The same goes for the "victim" glasses. The "victim" glasses make you think that everything happens TO you instead of FOR you.

To honour the day, Thanksgiving, I would like to talk about Gratitude.

Wear these glasses and see your life transform. Do not take my word for it, although i am talking out of personal experience. Become a scientist for a few days and experiment.

Make sure, for the next seven days, to be thankful, to experience and express gratitude.

Before you go to bed at night, make sure that the last thing you do, after brushing your teeth and saying goodnight and sweet dreams to your loved ones, is to write on a piece of paper what you are grateful for. Please write, do not type on you iPad or phone. Write; using a pen and a paper, feel the words being created on the white piece of canvas you have in front of you. once your list is complete, read it to yourself and close your eyes to fall asleep. Let those be the last thoughts you make for the day.

When you wake up in the morning, read your list again. Make sure that today you will do what it takes to make that list longer and stronger than yesterday.

Pay attention to the changes. Please share them with us and inspire others too to make that journey towards better life through gratitude. Let us know ho your life shifted and for what you are grateful for.

Thank you all very much for showing up and helping fulfil my mission in life, to help people find their voice and act on their lives.

Happy gratitude day to all :)

The images were taken by the article "Why Gratitude is the secret to good Health".

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You want to increase your productivity? Here are 4 scientifically proven methods.[Video]

Do you want to increase your productivity?

David Hassell from the Next Web writes about Neuroplasticity, Stress Hormones and Paleo-Mammalian Brain, how to Pulse your productivity and the flow states.

Did you know you had three brains within your brain? The part responsible for your creativity is the newest part. If you feel unsafe, the primal part, the first brain takes over- the reptilian brain, in charge of your survival- and when that happens, all other functions stop. For your productivity and your creativity to grow and increase you need your neo-cortex. This structure, also called the frontal lobe, is responsible for language and abstract and creative thinking.

You can learn more on your brain and how it affects your habits by downloading our Webinar “How to Create New Habits” HERE.

The better we understand ourselves as leaders, the better we understand the capabilities and limitations of those who work for us. This new leadership paradigm involves constant learning about all of the elements of a healthy, balanced life. Research in the areas of neuroscience, biology, and human performance have produced some brilliant and counter-intuitive ideas about getting more accomplished in less time.

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