Creative Leadership | June 17.18 | Amsterdam | #thestarinyou


Do you feel stuck?

Do you want more clarity?

Do you want more meaningful satisfaction from your personal and professional life?

I understand what you are going through. I was at the same place, a long time ago. I understand the struggle of doubting your self, of not being sure if you are on the right track, thinking that maybe you are wasting your time.

What is your purpose? How can you use your talents to create the life and business that makes you happy?

This is why I created this program, The Star in You!

I want to help you, support you and coach you. I want to pass on the information I discovered through hard and tough work.

If you are at the point of "Enough is enough", if you feel discomfort, that is GREAT! Because when you are in that state, that is when I can help you the most! That is the optimum mental, emotional and spiritual state for you to be able to make the change and implement the tools I am about to teach you!

In other words, we can turn your "wounds" and vulnerabilities in to fuel so you can achieve your goals, rather having them as obstacles in your way.

"Discontent is a necessity to progress."
- T. Edison

I want to help you move your life forward. I want to teach you the tools you can use to LEAD yourself, your team, your loved ones to success, to clarity, to freedom and empowerment.

We will spend two value packed days together!

We will study the Human Operating System, we will identify limiting beliefs and reprogram them to empowering convictions. We will identify values necessary for your personal success. We will re-establish your self talk.

And we will do all that in a creative, fun way!

Don't misunderstand me... there will be some tears... but they will be the transformational kind.

Don't waste any more time!

Join me today! 

And to make it even easier for you to take the first step towards the life you truly deserve, I have arranged for an Early Bird price.  But be aware... it is time sensitive.

If you feel our energies are connecting, it would be a great pleasure to work with you and support you in this journey.

Looking forward to meeting you in person.



Click on the button above to complete the payment. Regular price €400. For a limited time or until class fills up the early bird price is €320.

Prices excl VAT.