Nancy Bishop, CSA- iNTERNATIONAL Masterclass "Auditioning for Film and TV"- September 2017

If you are an actor interested in an international career, join us for the Nancy Bishop International Masterclass on Auditioning for Film and TV.

Nancy has taught hundreds of workshops all over Europe; London, Prague, Cannes, Amsterdam and more. In September she will teach a 2 day masterclass in Athens, Greece. Please scroll down to check out the Agenda of the masterclass.

Nancy Bishop, CSA will also give a lecture on  marketing for actors. She will talk about how to self tape, choose a winning headshot,  organize a CV, create a website, and activate an interactive web presence using attraction marketing, and social media to draw casters to  you.

Nancy Bishop, CSA, is an American casting director based in Europe. She has cast talent on nearly one hundred projects such as Mission Impossible IV, Bourne Identity and Snowpiercer. She recently finished work on Unlocked, directed by Michael Apted and starring Michael Douglas and Orlando Bloom. Nancy was nominated for an Emmy Award and is also an internationally recognized acting coach. She founded the Acting for Film Program at the Prague Film School, and penned two books.

Nancy has been retained as casting director by dozens of major screen producers and directors, including Brad Bird, (Mission Impossible IV), Roman Polanski (Oliver), and Ridley Scott (Child 44). She also was nominated for an Emmy Award for her casting work on Anne Frank: The Whole Story, ABC/Disney Studios.

Read more on Nancy Bishop HERE.



Day 1 – Screen Acting Technique

Actors participate in a series of targeted exercises that develop effective methods for on camera work. Material covered will include close-up vs. wide shot techniques, playing an inner monologue and playing objectives. Self- tape auditions.  At the end of the class, actors will be assigned scenes to prepare for mock castings the next day.


Day 2 – Strategies for Screen Casting

Actors will apply the techniques they learned on Day One to perform casting sessions in front of camera, followed by a critique. The scenes will include a variety of genres ranging from historical drama, to action/thriller to sci-fi. Each participant will get one-on-one coaching in front of the camera with Nancy.


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Nancy Bishop, CSA in Amsterdam | April 22nd and 23rd, 2017 | international CASTING and AUDITION Masterclass.

Theodora Voutsa Productions Foundation




Nancy Bishop, CSA


22 AND 23.04.2017

Join us as an auditor.

As an auditor you will be able to watch the Masterclass but will not be able to participate in the exercises.

Cost: €50

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Nancy Bishop, CSA, is an American casting director based in Europe. She has cast talent on nearly one hundred projects such as Mission Impossible IV, Bourne Identity and Snowpiercer. She recently finished work on Unlocked, directed by Michael Apted and starring Michael Douglas and Orlando Bloom. Nancy was nominated for an Emmy Award and is also an internationally recognized acting coach. She founded the Acting for Film Program at the Prague Film School, and penned two books.

Nancy has been retained as casting director by dozens of major screen producers and directors, including Brad Bird, (Mission Impossible IV), Roman Polanski (Oliver), and Ridley Scott (Child 44). She also was nominated for an Emmy Award for her casting work on Anne Frank: The Whole Story, ABC/Disney Studios.

Read more on Nancy Bishop HERE.

The Masterclass is hosted by the Theodora Voutsa Productions Foundation and INCasting.




Day 1 – Screen Acting Technique

Actors participate in a series of targeted exercises that develop effective methods for on camera work. Material covered will include close-up vs. wide shot techniques, playing an inner monologue and playing objectives. Self tape auditions. At the end of class, actors will be assigned scenes to prepare for mock castings the next day.


Day 2 – Strategies for Screen Casting

Actors will apply the techniques they learned on Day One to performcasting sessions in front of camera, followed by a critique. The scenes will include a variety of genres ranging from historical drama, to action/thriller to sci-fi. Each participant will get one-on-one coaching in front of the camera with Nancy.


Saturday April 22nd and Sunday April 23rd, 2017.


10am to 5pm




Maximun participants: 16


Organised by:


Nancy is a CSA member. This means that actors understand that Nancy Bishop follows CSA guidelines for teaching. This class is exclusively instructional in nature and acceptance of actor attendance does not imply in any manner or circumstance any professional reciprocity, either now or in the future, nor will acceptance of attendance influence an actor's ability to secure a future audition for projects that they may be undertaking. No headshots will be collected at the class. 

#DareToBeAGirl Symposium by #theodoravoutsaproductions Foundation and #pwn_Amsterdam

#DareToBeAGirl Symposium

by the Stichting Theodora Voutsa Productions

and the Professional Women's Network Amsterdam

# DareToBeAGirl is an evening where women and men dare to take part to be supported, to be empowered, to be guided, but most of all to be inspired to create change.

In the TED ‘style’, invited guest speakers  share facts and personal stories that  enlighten us on matters of leadership, empowerment, equality, human rights and humanism.

Our goals for the symposium are:

  • To support the advancement of women, to learn and grow.
  • To empower women to propel themselves into leadership roles.
  • To create awareness about the position of women today.
  • To create calls to action.

Our Keynote Speaker:

Sybilla Dekker, Ambassador, Talent to the Top (Talent naar de Top). We are so pleased that Sybilla has agreed to be our Keynote Speaker. Sybilla is not alone in her quest of having women be an equal part of the decision making voice in the Netherlands. However, she has and continues to be, committed to fostering leadership and empowerment of women and minorities in the labor market and in organizations. Sybilla, we welcome you and so look forward to hearing you share your vision and ideas. Please see Sybilla's bio below. 

Our Master of Ceremonies: Allison Hamilton-Rohe, owner of DailyOutfit and a PWN Amsterdam member and one of our Mentoring Leads, has accepted to take on the role of MC for this event. 

Guest Presenters: 

The following guest speakers share their stories and their inspiration. One word that captures the essence of all these speakers is 'Dare'. These are definitely 'Women on the Move'!

  • Sabine Nӧlke, Ambassador of Canada to the Kingdom of the Netherlands 
  • Lin McDevitt-Pugh, Author and environmental/human right’s activist 
  • Sheetal Shah, Head of Department Behavioral and Social Sciences Webster University - Leiden 
  • Maja Groff, Senior legal officer Permanent Bureau Hague Conference on Private International Law 
  • Ghida Ibrahim, Data Scientist/ICT Engineer/Social Entrepreneur 
  • Esther Mollema, Thought leader on (gender) diversity in high performance organizations (HPO) 
  • Astrid van Heumen, Managing Partner at Corporate Casting
  • Bea Haring, Partner EY 
  • Saskia Maas, Founder Boom Chicago 
  • Manuela Damant, Founder Open The Door Leadership 
  • Emmy McCarthy, Founder Stichting Amsterdam Mamas/McCarthy Consulting
  • Corrine Dettmeijer, Dutch National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children

Almost two years ago, in May 2015 the Stichting Theodora Voutsa Productions was born. We had created a centre for the Arts, Culture and Development and now we had to start create content and offer value.

We decided that our 4 year artistic plan would revolve around women and their empowerment. We chose as our first production, the one we would use to introduce our foundation to the world, to be "Antigone" by Sophocles. Antigone is the first play in theatre history to have a strong female character as its hero. A girl who dares to stand up for her values and do what she believes to be right, despite what society is dictating.

Our production of Antigone, with an international cast of 32 artists, was presented at the Compagniethater in Amsterdam, in March and November 2016 to a sold out venue and received great reviews and standing ovations every night.


During my research for the play I was about to direct, I cam across some numbers that where to the least disappointing. I could not believe that in 2016, in an educated and developed country women get paid less for doing the same job as others. I could not understand why women's bodies were not their own and they had to have laws or permissions to act on them. I could not accept that number one cause of death in girls under 15 was child birth. And the list went on.

The theatrical production had helped start a conversation about daring to be a girl, about women's rights and empowerment. I wanted to continue the dialogue and take it beyond the stage lights. I wanted to create a Symposium where women and men could share opinions, start a dialogue and come up calls to action that can implement change.

Fortunately organisations like the Professional Women's Network exist. I approached them with the idea of a Symposium and they jumped immediately on board. It proved to me, once more, the power of the Mastermind. It proved the importance of connecting and joining forces; how much more we can do when we support each other than we antagonise and blame.

Mary Jane Roy and Amber Rahim from the PWN_Amsterdam became my team, "co-warriors", my navigators through this process. I had never organised a Symposium before. mary Jane was very generous in sharing her long experience as a PWN member and organiser.

We gathered the speakers. We all opened our agendas and sent emails, made phone calls, promoted our cause and people believed and joined.

We found our sponsors, the Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam, Greek Food Tales and Areti Botonaki, to help us make this the best possible experience for our participants and our speakers.

We had another great addition to our team, Allison Hamilton-Rohe, a dynamic lady, had agreed to be our MC.

And January 19, 2017 arrived.

Mary Jane and I arrived early at the Lloyd and throughout the day people would add to our team. And by 5:30pm everything was ready to open the doors. And what happened after changed me in ways I will never forget.

Our audience, a full house, as we say in the theatre, a sold out event. Women- and men, interested in making changes, in being part of the conversation. 

Our speakers, women from Business, Academia, NGOs, Ambassadors, sharing their personal stories on how they got where they are, on how they achieved success. Being so generous and sharing "inside" stories with all of us. What were their secrets? How did they do it?

Education, strong sense of principles and values, persistence, humour were some of the common characteristics among these women. They all believed in themselves when no one else did and they pulled through. They all had "motion" within them. They were not satisfied with stability, comfort and security. They dared to raise their hand and grab what they believed was theirs, because they worked for it, because they earned it.

We thank them for the paths they discovered and opened them for us all.


Thank you to all who contributed for this inspiring evening.

Eternally grateful,


Our speakers:


Speaker profile

Sybilla M. Dekker is former Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment – May 2003 till October 2006 (Balkenende II and III). Sybilla Dekker is ambassador to the Foundation “Talent naar de Top” (Talent to the Top). For many years, she has been committed to fostering leadership and empowerment of women and minorities in the labor market and in organizations. In 2012 this commitment was rewarded with the international TIAW World of Difference 100 Award (Washington). Sybilla Dekker has extensive experience at both organizational and political level, as she has been on various supervisory boards (BNG Bank, RHDHV, AKZO-Nobel, Dutch Railways, Heineken Nederland BV and Rabobank Nederland). Before her ministry, she also held various management positions at employers’ organisations and governmental institutions. Currently Sybilla Dekker is chairwoman of the Supervisory Board Kadaster (the Netherlands' Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency), member of the Colleges Financieel Toezicht Curacao en St. Maarten/BES-eilanden en Aruba (Colleges Financial Supervision Curacao and St. Martin/BES-islands and Aruba), chairwoman of the Strategic Advisory Board of TNO Built Environment, chairwoman of the National Board of Public Transport and chairwoman of the Round Table on Project Mainport Rotterdam Maasvlakte II. Sybilla Dekker is closely associated with various social and cultural organizations (a.o. the Scheepvaart Museum Amsterdam).


Speaker profile

Ms. Sabine Nölke Ambassador of Canada to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Permanent Representative of Canada to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Sabine Nölke (BA, University of Western Ontario, 1978; MA [English Literature], University of Western Ontario, 1980; LLB, University of Western Ontario, 1985; LLM [Public International Law], London School of Economics and Political Science, 1996) began her career with External Affairs and International Trade Canada in 1992 as junior counsel in the Economic and Trade Law Division. Starting in 1993, in Ottawa, Ms. Nölke served as counsel in the Legal Operations Division, as deputy director of the United Nations, Criminal and Treaty Law Division and as director of the United Nations, Human Rights and Economic Law Division. She served abroad, at the High Commission of Canada in London and with the Canadian delegation to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in Vienna. From 1999 to 2004, Ms. Nölke was co-counsel in Legality of Use of Force (Serbia and Montenegro v. Canada) before the International Court of Justice. Ms. Nölke is the recipient of a Minister of Foreign Affairs Award for Foreign Policy Excellence; prior to her appointment to the Netherlands, she was Director-General of the Non-Proliferation and Security Threat Reduction Bureau. Ms. Nölke is married to Christopher D. Ram and has one daughter, Eilidh. Sabine Nölke replaces James Lambert.


Speaker profile

Astrid has as they say enjoyed a carefree childhood, with plenty of attention to art, culture, sports and games. With a sense of adventure and the aim to reach academic enrichment she pursued Japanese Studies and Social Economic History. She began her career as a marketing manager for the Port of Amsterdam, then became a commodities trader, and eventually an investment banker. David de Goede lured her away from all of that to work with him in the world of corporate matchmaking. As a result she became co-owner and Managing Partner of Corporate Casting in August 2015. Her curiosity is usually one step ahead of her ambition. It is not the prize, but the hunt that drives her. It is that triumph that makes her stronger, that compels her to win. But above all, she believes in Corporate Casting because ‘it is always a people business’. In addition, Astrid is dedicated to supporting the empowerment of women by founding the Damesgenootschap Kenau (2012). An impressive group of women with a strong character and great potential in several professions and working fields, discussing Women Economic Empowerment. They meet quarterly in the offices of Corporate Casting. Astrid and the artist Mariecke van der Linden are actively involved in the project The New Portrait Gallery at the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam. Astrid holds several advisory positions in the world of arts and culture as well.


Speaker profile

Manuela Damant is a Leadership Expert dedicated to empowering high potential women and ultimately transforming our current concepts of leadership & the workplace. She started her career working in insurance and in 1997 she joined Shell International Ltd. in Switzerland from where she transferred to their London Risk & Insurance Team in 2000. Between 2004 and 2006 she trained with the well-known Robert Dilts & Ian McDermott at the International Teaching Seminars (ITS) in London, one of the most respected NLP and coaching training schools in the UK and Europe, and between 2007 and 2009 she become a certified NLP Trainer with the Academy for Wealth and Success in Australia. Since establishing her NLP & Coaching practice in 2004, Manuela has provided coaching, training and delivered workshops throughout the UK, Australia and now the Netherlands. Besides working with individuals from various different backgrounds she has been fortunate to coach or train within large organizations such as Shell International Ltd, Sensis, National Australia Bank, IBM Australia and TomTom. In 2015 she co-founded Open The Door (, a coaching & training company specializing in aiding women to step up, speak up and play bigger and she is supporting large organisation in their ambition to keep their female talent fully engaged and strong. During the same year she co-organised the thus far one and only TEDxDelftWomen with the aim of inspiring and motivating even more women to work, learn and challenge stereotypes together. Manuela brings over 10 years of international business experience to her coaching. She has changed career, moved countries several times and together with her Yorkshire husband is raising three girls under the age of seven in the beautiful city of Delft.


Speaker profile

Born in rural Australia, Lin McDevitt-Pugh finished high school in Papua New Guinea, studied politics and history at Melbourne University and taught Australian History at a suburban high school for six months before activism began tugging hard. Human rights is her passion. As a management consultant with a UK Masters in Business degree, and an award-winning writer, Lin works with organizations that promote the dignity and respect of all people. Lin is an expert in utilizing connections, and has developed a networked approach to managing complex assignments. She has trained in working with and from values, and encourages clients to explore with their staff the values they bring to the organization. Utilizing these values expands the ability of the organization to be successful.


Speaker profile

Dr. Sheetal Shah is a Psychologist in practice since 1999. She specializes in the field of counseling for chronic illnesses viz. Epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, and special target groups like commercial sex workers and victims of human trafficking. She was responsible for designing and managing Asia’s 1st help line for Population Services International (PSI), Washington, specializing in issues related to HIV/ AIDS and sexuality. She has also been affiliated to various academic institutions for training and supervising counselors at the post graduate level. Having completed her M.A. (Psy.) in the U.K. (University of Sussex) followed by an M.Phil. and Ph.D. in India (S.N.D.T. University, Mumbai); she is well sensitized towards the cultural issues that influence the client - counselor dynamics. As Head of Department of Behavioral & Social Sciences at Webster Leiden, she teaches courses on Research Methods, Sexual Issues in Counseling, Community Psychology & Community Research, and International Psychology. Her research and intervention focus is on Victims of Sex Trafficking therefore trying to understand human rights from a psycho-social perspective. Her strategy for planning intervention programs is bottom up i.e. victim/survivor focused. In 2011 she conceptualized and developed The Bijlmer Project for Webster University Leiden’s department of Behavioral and Social Sciences. The project’s main objective is to identify and address the psychosocial needs of trafficked women and men in the European Union. Experiences of working in the field and seeing implications of trauma first hand guides her vision for the Bijlmer Project. The second phase of the project Bijlmer Bridge 2Hope was launched in November 2014. For more information please visit


Speaker profile

Ghida Ibrahim is a Data Scientist and ICT Engineer with ~ 6 years of operational and research experience within two major Internet Service providers worldwide. In her very recent role, Ghida works as a senior Data Scientist for Liberty Global in Amsterdam where she uses the company’s data for understanding customer churn, enabling predictive network maintenance and recommending TV programs and video products to consumers. Ghida holds a PhD and Masters in ICT Engineering from Telecom ParisTech, France leading engineering school in ICT. Her research, focusing on optimizing web content distribution and delivery in the future internet, was conducted within the R&D division of Orange in Paris. Ghida equally holds an online specialization in Data Science from Johns Hopkins University. In addition to her full-time job, Ghida started Rafiqi, an online platform for connecting refugees in Europe to volunteering mentors. She is a contributor to the World Economic Forum, both in her capacity as a Global Shaper of the Amsterdam hub and an appointed member of the Global Future Council on the future of computing, a group of 20 experts reflecting on the evolution of computing and how to use new technologies to enhance the public good. Last but not least, Ghida is the VP of programs of Arab Women in Computing, a NGO focusing on Arab women empowerment through technology and entrepreneurship.


Speaker profile

Background ► Born in 1966 in The Hague, the Netherlands ► Bea holds a degree from the University of Leiden and management certificates from IMD Business School, Ashridge and Harvard. ► Married to Ton and has one son ► Bea started her career at EY in 1990. In January 2000 she was promoted to partner and held the position of Managing Partner People Advisory Services (PAS) in the Hague. From 2003 to 2008 Bea was the Country Practice Leader of and in charge of PAS the Netherlands. ► From 2004 to 2008, Bea was a member of the Global PAS Leadership team. In that role she was responsible for People and Learning, building global competency framework, and for further development of EY’s PAS strategy. Experience ► Bea joined the BeNe Regional Leadership Team in 2008. ► From July 2008 till September 2015 Bea was the BeNe Talent Leader, in that role she was responsible for further development of EY’s talent strategy and the roll out of that strategy in BeNe. ► From March 2015 she fulfils the role of BeNe Accounts Leader. In this role she is responsible for the go-to-market strategy and roll out of that strategy in BeNe. ► As a senior People Advisory Partner she serves multinational clients on Global Mobility matters. Bea has a multidisciplinary skill set, including tax/law, people management, organizational design and business strategy.



Speaker profile

Maja Groff is an international lawyer based in The Hague, assisting in the development, negotiation and servicing of international, multilateral treaties. Maja works on existing and potential global treaties addressing areas of child law, issues disproportionately affecting women (including violence against women and human trafficking), persons with disabilities, access to legal information and other topics. She conducts liaison work with international professional associations, NGOs and other international organisations (including various U.N. bodies), and has played a key role in the co-ordination of a range of international conferences and expert groups. Maja holds degrees from McGill (civil law and common law), Oxford and Harvard Universities, and is an attorney admitted to practice in the state of New York. She serves on the United Nations Committee of the New York City Bar Association, and is a member of the Advisory Boards of BCorp Europe and ebbf, organisations devoted to ethical business.


Speaker profile

Esther Mollema is the founder and Director of Direction (1999). Her drive for more diversity and female leadership put her on the map in Europe. Esther has trained over 10,000 women worldwide as well as the larger part of Dutch business leaders, with the concept of Female Leadership and implicit bias. As of 2007 Esther Mollema is General Director of the HPO Center linking diversity as an important driver for High Performance Organizations. Esther is the Dutch partner of the Professional Boards Forum since 2012. Esther published two books: ‘50% more talent' about the unwritten rules of the game (2009)) and Success in Managing Diversity (2015) in designing diverse organizations. Esther Mollema was selected for TheNextWomen100 2014 and 2016 list. TheNextWomen100 is a top 100 of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. " Looking back I realize again what a great gift Esther Mollema has given to all women. I hope I can attend more workshops and learn more from her!” Ilse Roeleveld, Compliance Officer ING


Speaker profile

Corinne Dettmeijer is the Dutch National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children. She was appointed as Dutch National Rapporteur in 2006. Her recommendations have for instance, led to a doubling of the capacity for the investigation of child pornography and a greater realization that the approach to tackle it must not be confined to investigation and prosecution (Ministry of Security and Justice), but must also extend to prevention and identifying and providing assistance for victims (Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport). A further development is that there are now also judges specializing in human trafficking cases. On the recommendation of the National Rapporteur, a campaign has also been launched against child sexual abuse. Corinne Dettmeijer regularly speaks at conferences and visits dignitaries in the Netherlands and abroad. Corinne Dettmeijer has for many years been a judge at the district court of The Hague. From 1995 until 2014 she served as vice president of the court. As a judge, she handled cases in juvenile, criminal, family and migration law. She has been a member of several (international) professional bodies and advisory committees in the field of juvenile law. The Dutch magazine Opzij elected Ms Dettmeijer in 2015 and 2016 as one of the most powerful women in the Netherlands working on justice and public policy.


Speaker profile

Allison Hamilton-Rohe is a Personal Style Coach from New York, currently living in Leiden. She created a unique formula to help you discover your personal style. Through her company, DailyOutfit, she coaches you to define your true beauty and translate it into a personal style you can inhabit with ease. She believes everyone can feel beautiful & confident every day. To learn more about her or receive your FREE Personal Style Starter Series, check out her site or follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.




Testimonials | The Los Angeles Method

Acting in Theodora Voutsa’s Oedipus Rex has made me a better person. First, rehearsing with Theodora and learning the Los Angeles Method has changed my relationship with myself. I now have a framework and vocabulary for how I experience emotion. Not only do I better understand what I am feeling, I also seek out new emotional experiences rather than avoiding them.

Perhaps more importantly though, the experience has changed how I interact with the world. I better understand not only my own objectives, but those of others around me, which makes me a better colleague, friend, and partner. 

Performing for a sold-out theatre also has some unique benefits. The most obvious of those is the boost in self-confidence that comes from having successfully rehearsed and performed an entire play alongside a talented cast. More subtle though, is that theatre puts the rest of life in perspective. The commitment, focus, and high stakes of putting on our show made it clear that things I had previously felt were huge problems are really only minor annoyances.

I wholeheartedly recommend this to others and can hardly wait to do it again myself.”


I have had the privilege in working with Theodora Voutsa as an actress on my feature film “Gamilio Party”. Theodora’s professionalism and performance skills were of the highest expectations that one director could have. She has the ability to encourage actors around her to step into deeper levels of emotion while in character. She has a positive approach in story and a charismatic element that allows her self to shine.”


The Los Angeles Method | photo by BalansLab

I have already attended a workshop “Acting for personal and professional growth” given by Theodora Voutsa. And it was the most amazing workshop I have ever attended. Theodora is an excellent coach full of energy and passion for what she is doing. So I would like to highly recommend this training. I am more than sure that it will cause great reactions from the people who will attend.”


he Los Angeles Method for me was a real eye-opener. Theodora, you are the first person I saw that I can say, with my whole heart, is an excellent trainer/lifecoach in personal development. I can recommend this workshop to everyone in the world, the methods and te excercises are very universal and can fit for everyone who believes he/she can change and he/she is 100% responsible for their own growth. You are the best trainer in my opinion I saw till now in my life, with the best working method in personal development. My motto is from now, YES YOU CAN CHANGE AND YOU ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR IT!, Thank you, Theodora!”



My experience with the Los Angeles Method was very positive: it made me think about my habits, my convictions about myself and the world, about my reactiveness to my own patterns, and also that it is possible to look at them and learn to change, alone for that it was well worth it! Understanding the connection from those thoughts to what my reality is, made me become more aware and more alert to who to change my circumstances. It really lightened up my curiosity to self knowledge! It is still a work in progress and the tools I got from the course are indeed useful and insightful, I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to get to understand himself or herself better. Theodora lead the course in a very kind, non judgmental way, hearing every one’s thoughts, words, fears, joys and opinions and addressing everyone in a joyful inspiring way, and inspiring everyone to take part in creating better experiences for themselves. Wonderful!”


Theodora worked seamlessly, providing a rich, experiential introduction to both coaching and acting, and how the two can be complementary. She also made it perfectly accessible for both Italian and English speakers, and created a safe, non judgmental and fun environment for those unfamiliar with coaching, acting or both. Coaching, and acting, ask us to dig deep, face our greatest fears, and live (or act) from a place of integrity. This isn’t easy; you have to be willing to be vulnerable and to do so in a group of strangers could be profoundly uncomfortable. Theodora created a safe and comfortable space for us to explore, work , play and grow together. I am a coach but even I was amazed at what she managed to create and inspire in each participant, and the growth that resulted, in just two days.”


These workshops have been a wonderful journey of releasing my inner blockages, and inspiriting a joyful approach to achieve my goals. As an actress, Theodora has empowered me to constructively work in the profession with a grounded yet joyful approach. The tools and techniques are simple, quick and effective in understanding your strengths and releasing your inhibitions. I highly recommend these seminars, if you are looking for success, happiness and peace in all areas of your life”


This Workshop is wonderful for all aspects of one’s life. It is really inspiring, manageable and teaches things that I will put to use immediately. The relationship between exercises, listening and noting the experience was really nice. I learned many new things. Thank you!”


At first, a lot of strangers and chaos. We were a group of individuals who shared an atomic experience and, in the process, formed a cohesive unit. For many of us, it was a baptism by fire. But, like clay cups, we needed the fire to turn us into fine, strong porcelain. I was often left breathless with love – both given and received. We witnessed and supported each other’s breakthroughs and many tears were shed as we connected with parts of ourselves we didn’t know existed.

I learned that, whether you’re in a corporate career or an artistic one, a strong work ethic and an ability to communicate and co-operate with others is essential.

I learned the fine balance between trust and taking responsibility.

I learned that there is a time to speak and a time to stay silent, and that too many words swallow the meaning.

Theodora: Passionate, impatient, temperamental, with a heart as huge as her talent. Strong vision and drive, and a firm handle on both the bigger picture and every minute detail. No tolerance for bullshit, excuses or drama queens; a knack for understanding someone’s pain and knowing when to use it to break down barriers and when to comfort it to prevent creating them. A very tough task-master who only accepts the best from each of us. I discovered that if I let go of my defensiveness, just gave my very best and allowed myself to be taught, magic happened.

We created something exquisite – all of us together. I still feel tears of pride pricking my eyes when I look at the photos”


I have always loved theatre and enjoyed watching the performances. I never acted before, never been on stage.

When I learned about Oedipus Rex, I thought “why not” and joined the first meeting in June 2014. I really wanted to join the cast but got scared to make a fool of myself as a non-actor. (I am an IT professional :)). I asked Theodora if she will be open with her feedback and if I have no talent not to let me go on stage. She laughed and said there will be something to do for everyone and she will never allow anyone of us to fail as “Oedipus Rex” must succeed.

The only condition was to give our commitment, our time and energy during the process. I decided to join. As I was very excited from the first moment onwards; I did bring a very close friend to join the cast and do this together.

I did have a unique and wonderful experience from day 1 onwards. Acting means putting yourself forward, getting away from your fears and embracing yourself. I opened up, met myself in a very different way; I started to dare, let my emotions show, and not be inhibited by my fears. ” I am worthy” has been our motto; I now understand what it means.

In the process we connected with all our fellow actors; anticipating their mood, movements, understanding their needs and emotions; getting to know them both as friends and also actors.

We did many exercises during each rehearsal; started with warm ups, did team building exercises, acting, singing, …

I discovered my capabilities I would never be aware of. This has been very fulfilling for me; also created a new energy and drive for my day to day life. Suddenly the routine of my life changed. I was looking forward to Saturday’s and the rehearsals.

Being part of the Oedipus Rex cast gave me additional strength to deal with the difficult situations at work and in my personal life. I am a stronger person now; more open for change and with more self-confidence. If I can be successful on stage, in front of many people and get their applause, I can do anything I put my mind and energy into.

The performances were also unique experiences for me. Technical week, preparations, getting into character, being present and connecting with the audience in such a way to let them live through the story and emotions with us. I really enjoyed every moment of it.

This experience and what I learned during the process is also very useful for me during my work. It is all about people, connecting and communicating. Also embracing change. These are qualities that can be applicable to my job, actually any job, as we all work with people. The best achievements are done via a good and efficient teamwork.

I am already recommending this experience to friends as I believe anybody who will put their commitment and energy into this process will go though a life changing experience and will benefit from it.

I started to feel young, energetic, happy and capable again … What more could I want ?”


My experience with the Oedipus “project” was in short amazing; a once in a life time experience. From the first day I participated , I was hooked. The presence of Theodora was so powerful, so embracing and encouraging that I decided to be part of this project from the first day; I didn’t know what I could do, or if i was up to the challenge but I decided to give a try. I found the whole process so challenging and very awarding at the personal level; it forced me and all others to get rid of all kind of emotional , physical barriers we all had in the beginning ; our “vulnerability “ led to a very special bond among all of us based on trust, care , and love and mutual drive.  

The next 6 months was working together, rehearsing, learning techniques, learning each other and learning more about yourself all in a very demanding, highly challenging , quite entertaining and competitive environment but never competing with others; always with yourself only to exceed what you have done so far. I felt growing stronger in presence but becoming selfless at the same time. It was amazing to observe and also experience how Theodora stimulates the group and individuals to go through different stages of emotions, that at the end brings everybody closer to each other and to own self.

The performances were a complete different experience: first of all only at that time I saw how those seemingly disparate and unrelated small things started to make sense and fell into their own place ; it made be comfortable and confident to realize how well all was actually thought, designed from early on: we were stirred to grow and fulfill the space designated.  

I already started to encourage many people I know, especially the young ones to go through a similar experience which will help them in their own personal development as well as in their current or future carrier aspirations. I was very privileged to go thru this journey under the guidance of Theodora.”


With all sincerity it has been a long time since I have used time so well. Theodora is just fantastic! She talks with so much power and love at the same time, creating a unique environment! I will certainly use what I have learned here. It is hard to describe how great I feel after the Workshop. Thank you so much!”


It was a unique experience. In my opinion it was a well organized Workshop, with a variety of different exercises, that were very helpful. Helpful in order to understand better ourselves, our needs and the others’ needs and characters. What remains after the Workshop is a feeling of calmness and openess that can lead to a better connection with ourselves and everyone around us.”


I loved the practical exercises. Theodora is very welcoming and warm. This put me at ease to be myself. I liked the emphasis on mutual help at the end. I am really glad I came. I learned a lot of things. Thank you very much Theodora!”


The content of the Workshop was not new to me, but the way Theodora expressed these principles made me hear and understand things in a new way. I can use these principles to create the relationship I desire from and with my life”


I think we did a great amount of work. Theodora was focused, loving and productive and her open mentality allowed for a really safe atmosphere for people to explore and grow. I enjoyed all of teh activities. I am impressed by the structure and balance of work.”


I think the Workshop was very clear. Learned techniques that are useful to me and my craft. I was very happy I was here. Thank you!”


It was very direct (no bullshit or small talk), very professional and to the point advice”


I liked the fact that this method’s approach can be adopted to all our relationships. It is a kind of mirror, you come so close to yourself and inner feelings. You peel your layers till you become yourself, that is what I have liked mostly.”


The concept, exercises and most of all Theodora’s charisma as a coach, actor; this is high level material explained in a motivational and workable format to use in your every day life.”