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“An amazing experience.”

learning the Los Angeles Method has changed my relationship with myself. I now have a framework and vocabulary for how I experience emotion. Not only do I better understand what I am feeling, I also seek out new emotional experiences rather than avoiding them. Perhaps more importantly though, the experience has changed how I interact with the world. I better understand not only my own objectives, but those of others around me, which makes me a better colleague, friend, and partner. 

— Brian Pagan | Philips.

“It was a privilege working together.”

I have had the privilege in working with Theodora Voutsa as an actress on my feature film “Gamilio Party”. Theodora’s professionalism and performance skills were of the highest expectations that one director could have. She has the ability to encourage actors around her to step into deeper levels of emotion while in character. She has a positive approach in story and a charismatic element that allows her self to shine.”



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I have already attended a workshop “The Star In You- Creative Leadership” given by Theodora Voutsa. And it was the most amazing workshop I have ever attended. Theodora is an excellent coach full of energy and passion for what she is doing. So I would like to highly recommend this training. I am more than sure that it will cause great reactions from the people who will attend.”



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- "You can heal your life". | Louise Hay

- The Love Poems by Rumi

- "Symposium" by Plato


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