The Creative Leadership and Emotional Intelligence program is for individuals who wish to up level their personal or professional life.

We identify where you want to go, how to get there and with whom. Let's interrupt the limiting beliefs and reprogram the confining convictions so you can design the life and business you want.


According to Carol Dweck, professor of psychology in Stanford, Yale and Harvard, people are in either a "fixed" mindset or in a "growth" mindset.

In which category do you belong?

Do you believe that you can grow, change, become the creator of your reality?

I believe you can!



Whether in our Online or our Offline workshops, in the Creative Leadership and Emotional Intelligence program, #thestarinyou, we use Personal Development Techniques, NLP, Acting Techniques, Alexander Technique, Improvisation, Public Speaking exercises, Communication and Expression Techniques.

Scheduled Events

Offline Workshop
Acting and Success Workshop | Nov 11 +12, 2017 | Amsterdam

Investment: €300 | Early Bird price: €222 valid until October 30th. 

Online Training
Creative Leadership | online course | cycle 1



It was a unique experience.

It was a unique experience. In my opinion it was a well organized Workshop, with a variety of different exercises, that were very helpful. Helpful in order to understand better ourselves, our needs and the others’ needs and characters. What remains after the Workshop is a feeling of calmness and openess that can lead to a better connection with ourselves and everyone around us.”


I am impressed by the structure and balance of work!

I think we did a great amount of work. Theodora was focused, loving and productive and her open mentality allowed for a really safe atmosphere for people to explore and grow. I enjoyed all of the activities. I am impressed by the structure and balance of work.”


I highly recommend these workshops if you are looking for success and peace.

These workshops have been a wonderful journey of releasing my inner blockages, and inspiriting a joyful approach to achieve my goals. As a professional, Theodora has empowered me to constructively work in the profession with a grounded yet joyful approach. The tools and techniques are simple, quick and effective in understanding your strengths and releasing your inhibitions. I highly recommend these workshops, if you are looking for success, happiness and peace in all areas of your life”




Lead your self to the success you want and deserve.

Join me.


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