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For entrepreneurs, coaches, small business owners who want to use the power of video to grow their business, authentically connect with their audience and their clients. This way they can Be Seen and Stand Out so they can raise their sales and achieve the freedom and success they want, but most of all deserve.

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In the #showupbrandup program we use Acting techniques, Improvisation, Personal Development and NLP techniques to establish On Camera Confidence and Chemistry.

We teach technical aspects of video creation like: How to edit, How to light, Sound, How to Livestream and more.


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How to be a resourceful storyteller and turn your LIVESTREAM from zero to Hero

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How to create your ABOUT ME video




I am a coach but even I was amazed at what she managed to create and inspire.

"Theodora worked seamlessly, providing a rich, experiential introduction to both coaching and acting, and how the two can be complementary. She also made it perfectly accessible for both Italian and English speakers, and created a safe, non judgmental and fun environment for those unfamiliar with coaching, acting or both. Coaching, and acting, ask us to dig deep, face our greatest fears, and live (or act) from a place of integrity. This isn’t easy; you have to be willing to be vulnerable and to do so in a group of strangers could be profoundly uncomfortable. Theodora created a safe and comfortable space for us to explore, work , play and grow together. I am a coach but even I was amazed at what she managed to create and inspire in each participant, and the growth that resulted, in just two days.”


It really lightened up my curiosity to self knowledge!

My experience with the Los Angeles Method was very positive: it made me think about my habits, my convictions about myself and the world, about my reactiveness to my own patterns, and also that it is possible to look at them and learn to change, alone for that it was well worth it! Understanding the connection from those thoughts to what my reality is, made me become more aware and more alert to how to change my circumstances. It really lightened up my curiosity to self knowledge! It is still a work in progress and the tools I got from the course are indeed useful and insightful, I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to get to understand himself or herself better. Theodora lead the course in a very kind, non judgmental way, hearing every one’s thoughts, words, fears, joys and opinions and addressing everyone in a joyful inspiring way, and inspiring everyone to take part in creating better experiences for themselves. Wonderful!”


It was a privilege.

"I have had the privilege in working with Theodora Voutsa as an actress on my feature film “Gamilio Party”. Theodora’s professionalism and performance skills were of the highest expectations that one director could have. She has the ability to encourage actors around her to step into deeper levels of emotion while in character. She has a positive approach in story and a charismatic element that allows her self to shine.”





To be seen and heard, you first need to Show Up.

Join me.


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Do you want to use video to connect with your audience and grow your business?


Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You scroll down your Facebook timeline, or check Periscope and Instagram,

you see all these videos, people going live, uploading promo videos, brand videos, about videos-

and you would like to join in the fun too,

but are afraid?


Do you feel self conscious when you are on camera?

Do you not know what the technical requirements are?

Are you camera shy and want to figure out a way to become camera confident?

Do you want to be the STAR but feel too self conscious?

Are you holding back? Do you worry about how the "others" will perceive you?

Do you want to #brandup, grow your business but are not sure which way to go?


I can help you with all of the above.


My background is in Show Business, acting, directing and producing.

I have my own production company, I direct and produce plays and films.

I have trained hundreds of actors from all over the world.

And now,

I want to empower you.

I have created a program called Show Up | Brand Up.


It is only for entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches: 

  • who understand the power of video.

  • who want to authentically connect with their ideal clients

  • who want to Brand Up and grow their business.

  • who want to tell the world "This is me and here I am!"


So if you are not one of those people,

who are hungry and eager to expand their business,

you can leave this page- and my apologies for taking up your time.



if you do want to connect with your potential clients and let them experience your energy, 

if you want to use video to establish trust,

if you do want to use video to rank better with Google,

if you do want to reach more mobile users,

if you want to find out more about a tool (hint: video) that last year alone, has shown to have increased conversion rates by 73% 

if you want to grow your business and Brand Up


THEN this is the program for you!


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