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From Content Maker... to Content Crusader | International Leadership Academy

Completing the quest for meaningful content that solves, saves and sells.

Timi has worked with the following brands in varying capacities: Unilever Food Solutions/Emakina, Sony Europe, LinkedIn, iris (Heineken), Call for Action, Droog Design, Casengo, Madaga, Federation of Financial Planners, Chrysal, Nomads / Delete Blood Cancer, De Lage Landen, The Osqr Group, Vector Fabrics.

She is a Content & Social Strategist, Writer, Owner: Social Sense Consultancy. She is working as a  Multi-Country Organisation Manager & Content Strategist: Emakina NL Co-founder, Digital Strategist: Kultura Co, an initiative to help Filipino cultural entrepreneurs offer more innovative products and services, access new markets and expand their networks Secretariat: Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Training Program for Migrant Filipinos in the Netherlands; Co-founder, Digital & Content Strategist: Red Vinta (Dubai), a creative innovation agency.  

In this meet up is about the future of content which will always be about things far bigger than content. Content fuels any social media network and lies at the core of any digital transformation strategy. But do you know what’s at the heart of content? 


Content starts and ends with people; it rises and falls with relationships. Genuine helpfulness has always been the bedrock of great relationships. Without content – without meaningful, helpful, and compelling content – business will lose the ability to connect, engage, and build longer lasting relationships with people. 

Ask yourself: Are you making content that’s helpful or full of hype? Is your content all about driving the sales pitch instead of helping your audience make better decisions? Does your content solve for humans or for satiating the Content Machine?

In this session that is part presentation on content brand marketing, part call for Content Crusaders, I will:

Make the case for Content Crusaders Outline what’s wrong (and right) with content these days Share ways on how to figure out what’s wrong with 


content and find the opportunities 

I’ll also present some quick-start tools for:

Understanding your user (persona development) Identifying cornerstone content (defining your Zone of Authority) Defining content gaps and opportunities (charting your content roadmap) 

A message from Timi:

Hello, I’m Timi.

I help you advance from Content Maker to Content Crusader. I’m one of the many out there plotting the downfall of the Content Machine. 

I believe I can relieve the frustration of entrepreneurs and business owners like you when it comes to content by helping you rethink why, for whom, and how you are creating and distributing content.

I want to enable you to start smaller but with compelling focus; re-energise your efforts by placing people and relationships back at the core of content marketing; and develop content in a way that it helps you validate learnings about your business.

I’m passionate about content, because I’m passionate about people. I consider content a tangible instrument to solve problems and elevate people to greater heights. Transmuting your competency and passion into content that solves people's real-world problems is the most honest and lasting strategy for audience-building.

My passion for social and content is anchored by my solid experience in teaching, writing, requirements management, and development communications. This enables me to apply an integrated approach to projects and provide holistic solutions. The people I work with always get the total value they deserve.


Timi Stoop-Alcala: Content Crusader 

Hype-free and helpful Content Strategist & Social Business Analyst 

Co-founder Kultura Co. | Associate at Call for Action

+31 6 2843 1916 | Blog: | | Facebook: Social Business Strategy | LinkedIn | | Call for Action

by Timi Stoop-Alcala | Social Business Analyst and Content Strategist

Where: Oudebrugsteeg 9, 1012JN, Amsterdam | MEETBERLAGE

When: November 26th, 2015 | 7pm to 9pm Presentation, 9pm to 10:30pm Networking and drinks.


For members: 20 euros | includes first drink.

For non members: 25 euros | includes first drink

To reserve your seat you can make the payment at 

Workshop By Theodora Voutsa