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#theSTARinyou Online Course | The Los Angeles Method

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How it Works:

#theSTARinyou Online Class is a 10 week program.

Every week, starting February 16th, 2016- you will receive:

  • a video with the theory to be covered that week.
  • pdf files to download with the exercises.
  • your assignment for that particular week.

What are the Assignments?

The assignments are short videos you will prepare and upload on our Private Community Forum. You will receive feedback on every assignment. These videos help you put the theory into practise and bring your confidence and visibility to the level desired, to make you the Authentic Star you are |  #theSTARinyou

In addition to the 10 videos you will receive, there will be two live Webinars during the 10 weeks you will be on #theSTARinyou Online Class.