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Acting Class Beginners' Level

Acting Class| Beginners' Level

by The Los Angeles Method

February  2. 9. 16. 23, 2016 at 7pm to 9pm.

This is Cycle 1 of our program The Theatre Project.

You can take this Cycle independently or in combination with the other two.

In this Cycle you will learn how to Create a Role. We will cover the theory, the base and then we will put the theory into practice using checkovian scenes.

You will learn how to create the role, find objectives, overcome obstacles and unblock and manage emotions.

The information you will receive will be useful to you both on and off stage, as The Los Angeles Method is a combiantion of Acting and Personal Development Techniques and Behavioural Science.

The Los Angeles Method Theatre Project is about using a theatre play to teach people how they can create the life they want and deserve, beyond confining convictions, fears and obstacles. The rehearsal process will be a workshop - using the Los Angeles Method - that will lead professionals, amateurs and people who never had a connection to the stage on a journey until the opening night.

In the Los Angeles Method we believe that Art can be therapeutic.  Acting is about getting in touch and unblocking your emotions.  It is in the emotional part of our brain where imagination and creativity reside. It is the emotional side of us that we need to exercise if we want to create the life we want to lead and produce anything.  As an actor creates his/her role, in this way anyone involved in this project will understand that they are 100% responsible of their reality, because they create it.

Minimum number of participants: 8

Maximum number of participants: 12

Investment: 200 euros (excl VAT)




Workshop by

Theodora Voutsa



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