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Acting Class Scene Work

Scene Work

Acting Class | Intermediate Level

In this 6 week cycle we will work on Scenes from classical and modern plays.

You will work on your body, your breathing and your voice. You will work on improvisation and Acting Exercises that will support and train your imagination and your choices.

In addition to the work we will do together in class, you will get the chance to work on your on camera presence. You will be added to our Secret Facebook community of The Los Angeles Method, where you will post short videos you will create with my help and support. You will be able to witness your metamorphosis and grow together with a supportive and like minded group.

Through the work we will do in Scene Work | The Theatre Project you will understand that

An ACTor

- knows his or her truth, in order to be able to recreate real human behaviour on stage.

- understands emotions- the fuel we use to achieve our goals- and is able to use them for the role he or she is servicing.

- has a strong sense of empathy.

- is able to communicate with himself/herself, his fellow actors on stage- his team-  and with 

his audience.

- knows how to Listen and React in the moment.

- knows how to Connect.

- has Courage and Compassion.

- is comfortable in being Vulnerable.

- stands in the "Light" without fear.


Investment: 300 euros (excl VAT)

You can pay in full or you can contact me for a payment plan, at

A deposit needs to be made to secure your spot in the Scene Work class.