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"The Ingenious Mind" at the Stadsschouwburg | International Theatre in English

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The Ingenious Mind


Ayn Rand’s last moments.

An artist’s last try to avoid death and keep on creating.

What is the birthing process?

What is the price a woman has to pay to create something so original and ground- breaking?



“The Ingenious Mind”  is inspired by  “The Fountainhead”, 

a Toneelgroep Amsterdam production, after the novel by Ayn Rand. 

It will be presented at the Stadsschouwburg  in the context of 5xTF,  

as part of the TGA program "Perform in the set of The Fountainhead".



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Liesbeth Rood, Gerben Tuin, Caroline Bech, Amelie Onzon, Simona Beltrami, Tiziana Benguerbi, Cristina Bolis, Matthew Carney, Bryone Cole, Samhita DasGupta-Doblie, Brian Pagan, Alyssa Wagner.



Music by Simone Giacomini

Artistic Direction by Theodora Voutsa

Story by Theodora Voutsa and Cintia Taylor

Written by Cintia Taylor


Directed by Theodora Voutsa