My name is Theodora and I am the creator and founder of the TVP Foundation which operates through two main venues:

The International Theatre in English and

The Los Angeles Method.

The Los Angeles Method is a dynamic combination of Acting and Personal Development techniques. It is based on the fact that acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances. So we help people find their truth and create their circumstances, their reality. We help them create the role they want to play in life.

Another section of the LAM is supporting entrepreneurs and business owners with video marketing.
Our #ShowUpBrandUp program.
We coach people who understand that video is the best way to authentically connect with your audience and ideal clients.
We take them through the entire process of understanding what their message is to creating the video.
I coach them on OnCamera presence, confidence, connection, technical aspects (light, sound, make up).

I have worked with professional actors, I have been one, for almost 20 years now, so I have been able to master a Method that supports both actors and non actors 😉

These are some links of my work:

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Theodora Voutsa | Creator and Founder of The Los Angeles Method [TLAM] and The International Theatre in English [iTie].

Theodora Voutsa | Creator and Founder of The Los Angeles Method [TLAM] and The International Theatre in English [iTie].

At The Los Angeles Method and The International Theatre in English

our vision is to change the world by empowering one individual at a time. We believe all humans are Artists. Artists take nothings and make them into somethings. We are all creators.




Our mission is to help people, whether they are participants in our workshops- audience members of our productions- artists involved in our projects, find their voice, unleash it and act on their lives.

We believe that art can be therapeutic and transform one's life. Art can become the tool to unblock all emotions; emotions being the fuel we use to achieve our goals. Art gives us permission to be vulnerable; vulnerability being the place where all creativity takes place.








Video Creation from A to Z

Free Online WORKSHOP

on Tuesday January 17, 2017

at 9pm CET | 3pm EST | 8pm GMT


In this free online Workshop  we will cover:

  1. Setting Up
  2. Gear
  3. Acting Techniques
  4. Write your Own Script
  5. Edit
  6. Send it out to the World


Discovery Call

Let's connect online for an free introductory 30 minute call, to discuss the best possible way to empower you towards the success of your goals.

Click HERE to schedule for a free consultation.


Scroll down to check out our Programs.


#daretobeagirl symposium

A coproduction of the Theodora Voutsa Productions Foundation and the Professional Women's Network. Keynote speaker Ms S.Dekker- former minister of Environment in the Netherlands and 12 amazing speakers. An evening of inspiration, decision making and networking.



acting class

A 7 week program where you learn the technique to create a Role, work on monologues and scenes. For people who want to improve their connectivity, creativity, become problem solvers, create their own Reality- instead of just reacting to it.

Starts March 2nd, 2017 in Amsterdam

7pm to 9pm


Creative leadership workshop

Learn how to be the Leader of your life and your team.

January 28 and 29, 2017  in Amsterdam |

12:30pm to 5:30pm.

Read more.



Private and Skype Sessions.

Join me and together we will go through a step by step program to create the Reality you want to experience. You will be taught the fundamental lessons of personal development and self mastery.

You will be able to

  • discover your full potential and true purpose
  • create your circumstances instead of just reacting to them
  • identify and control your powers to build the life you want
  • shape your destiny

You can take control of your circumstances and write your own script of the movie that is your life, from wherever you might be in the world with our Skype sessions. Read more.


The Los Angeles Method Theatre Project is about using a theatre play to teach people how they can create the life they want and deserve, beyond confining convictions, fears and obstacles. The rehearsal process will be a workshop - using the Los Angeles Method - that will lead professionals, amateurs and people who never had a connection to the stage on a journey until the opening night.

Cycle 1 TBA


Acting Class

Starts March 2nd, 2017 in Amsterdam | for 7 weeks

Rehearsal from the 2015 iTie production of Oedipus Rex with professional actors and participants of The Los Angeles Method | The Theatre Project

Rehearsal from the 2015 iTie production of Oedipus Rex with professional actors and participants of The Los Angeles Method | The Theatre Project


Show Up | Brand Up


We support new entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals who want to grow their business.

In today's fast paced online world, we help you stand out, show up and brand up.

We offer you the work of a big advertising agency from a more personal and affordable point.

We provide coaching sessions to identify the "voice" of your brand based on what you want to tell the world.

We support you in creating your visual identity from images to post on social media with your message to OnCamera coaching for your YouTube videos, Periscope, Live Facebook Streaming and more.


Next Online Training starts February 28, 2017





The Los Angeles Method Success Masterclass is a 10 week program where you get the tools to unleash your voice and act on your life.

You learn how to overcome Confining Convictions, identify Values and Anti Values, put in to action all 3 Brains, identify Goals and create the map to achieve them.

The Success Masterclass is a combination of Acting Techniques, Personal Development theory and Ancient Greek Philosophy.


Corporate Workshops


All of our programs and workshops can be tailored to the needs of your company or organisation.

Use The Los Angeles Method to improve creativity and problem solving, connection between individual and team, between teams, leadership, communication and expression and more.

“Creativity has always been at the heart of business, but until now it hasn’t been at the top of the management agenda. By definition the ability to create something novel and appropriate, creativity is essential to the entrepreneurship that gets new businesses started and that sustains the best companies after they have reached global scale. But perhaps because creativity was considered unmanageable—too elusive and intangible to pin down—or because concentrating on it produced a less immediate payoff than improving execution, it hasn’t been the focus of most managers’ attention.”

Teresa Amabile | Harvard Business Review


Creativity is no longer elusive and intangible to pin down.

With The Los Angeles Method programs you can identify and develop your creative skills.


Our programs:

1. Emotional Intelligence for Executives

2. Creative Leadership for Individuals and Teams


Workshop on Leadership and Creativity at Randstad, Amsterdam.

Workshop on Leadership and Creativity at Randstad, Amsterdam.