Theodora Voutsa Creation is a

Theatre and Film Production Company

and an Acting Studio


A theatre production company based in Amsterdam, touring the world.


A film and video production company for all of your visual needs.

Discover what opportunities there are in video marketing for your business or brand.


Acting Studio

A dynamic combination of Acting and Personal Development Techniques | Classes for Professional Actors, Business Professionals, Corporate Programs.


My name is Theodora.

I am a director, an actress, a coach and an entrepreneur.

I believe you have talents that can make this world a better place for all of us and I am dedicated to supporting you in bringing these talents into the light!

So you can achieve the success you want and deserve in your life and your business.


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With all sincerity it has been a long time since I have used time so well. Theodora is just fantastic! She talks with so much power and love at the same time, creating a unique environment! I will certainly use what I have learned here. It is hard to describe how great I feel after the Workshop. Thank you so much!”



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