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Unleash your Voice and Act on your Life.


Theodora is the creator and founder of TheodoraVoutsaProductions,

an Arts | Culture | Development Foundation.

The TVP Foundation operates through two main venues:

The Los Angeles Method and The International Theatre in English.



Our mission, our vision is to change the world by empowering one individual at a time. We believe all humans are Artists. Artists take nothings and make them into somethings. We are all creators.

Our mission is to help people, whether they are participants in our workshops- audience members of our productions- artists involved in our projects, find their voice, unleash it and act on their lives.

We believe that art can be therapeutic and transform one's life. Art can become the tool to unblock all emotions; emotions being the fuel we use to achieve our goals. Art gives us permission to be vulnerable; vulnerability being the place where all creativity takes place.